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By: Confoil  06-Dec-2011
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Choosing food packaging

Choosing your container
If you’re new to Confoil containers, we suggest you search by choosing dimensions using the Product Finder. Click on SEARCH functions on the right of the page.

Why Confoil?

Choose from more than 350 standard containers
Star shaped or square, deep or shallow, printed or plain, gilt edged, black or all the colours of the rainbow — it's your choice. Because Confoil’s foil and Dualpak packaging is made in Australia, custom designs are welcome and affordable.

Delivery in hours, not weeks
Standard dispatch times are just 24 to 48 hours from receipt of order.

Guaranteed quality from the packaging perfectionists
Anything less than absolutely perfect is rejected – no compromise allowed.

Quality Assurance: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 standard.


Containers with a conscience
Confoil is a member of the Packaging Council of Australia and a proud signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Support from the manufacturer
Dealing with Confoil, your business enjoys the depth of support that only a manufacturer can offer: service begins with the highly trained sales force and extends to the technical expertise of Confoil's production and new product development staff.

Comparing foil and Dualpak containers

With more than 350 Confoil food containers to choose from, its not surprising that finding the right packaging can be a little daunting.

Here's an easy guide:

Step 1: Select the dimensions you need
Click SEARCH to go to the Confoil product finder. You'll see that you can choose a range of sizes and this is the ideal way to begin narrowing down the range.

Step 2: Choose the material
You can trust the quality of any type of Confoil container, but some are particularly suited to special food types, cooking methods or storage.

The best way to find a good match is to speak with a Confoil expert but some simple rules of thumb are:From fridge or freezer to oven: You are only limited by your preferred style. Both foil and Dualpak are ideal.From fridge or freezer to oven or microwave: Both types of containers can be used, but consumers are often wary of placing foil into microwave ovens, so we suggest Dualpak.Printed or plain: Confoil foil containers generally come in plain aluminium, but printing is also an option subject to minimum runs. With Dualpak, your choice of colours is endless. Dualpak also provides the ideal surface for your logo, instructions and use-by dates.

Keywords: Foil Containers, Food Containers, Packaging,

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