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By: Concept Lighting  06-Dec-2011

We at Concept Lighting Architecture are able to offer a comprehensive fully involved design process to our customers. From the initial meetings between Client / Architects / Engineers the brief is developed. We can then provide a full design, specification, product data sheets and estimated pricing. Or we can simply provide the necessary information such as photometric data and assist you to make the best selections.

Using deluxe calculation software we are able to model the space to be illuminated in 3D, providing highly accurate results. We then assess the output results against the requirements of the brief, and check compliance with the appropriate New Zealand standards for illumination levels, uniformity, glare, illuminance ratios and power density.

Should you choose to fully involve us in the design process we are able to provide a performance guarantee that we will deliver the design results within the allowable tolerances. Additionally we offer the security of our Professional Indemnity insurance.

> 2. Concept added to the project drawing distribution list. Concept to complete draft design, presentation booklet and dwg output.

> 3. Review meeting to assess selection of luminaires, light levels, power density and other design results with respect to the appropriate standards or client requests.

> 4. Concept completes any re-calculations if required and re-presents the design.

> 5. If any changes are made to the room geometry, ceiling heights and type, glazing, surface finishes or furniture/task areas, re-calculations will need to be performed.

> 6. Upon completion of installation access is to be provided to record actual light levels and ensure correct installation of luminaires.

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Concept Lighting | Sustainable Design

The creation of pleasant environments fit for the intended tasks must use more measures than just W/m/100lux on the working plane in order to provide wellbeing; we must aim wherever possible to represent light as it appears in nature, especially where no natural light is available.


Concept Lighting | Manufacturing

However truly sustainable design is about more than just having luminaires with high Light Output Ratio’s, ensuring it can be recycled once its useful life is over; minimising or eliminating VOC’s and PVC wiring, it is also about the correct illumination of the space.