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By: Computerware Plus  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Workstations, Remote Access

we sell & install

  • Servers and Workstations
  • Laptops - Notebooks
  • Printers
  • Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless Networking and VPN
  • Software - Microsoft

What we can do

  • Server and PC consultation, installation and upgrades
  • Server and Workstation repairs
  • IT systems auditing and site documentation
  • Remote Access and VPN consultation , installation and maintenance
  • Site management and maintenance
  • Monthly stability reports
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Network cabling

Network Design & Build

Companies can quickly expand, leaving their computer network unable to cope with more users and an increased information flow. Contact Computerware Plus and we will design and implement a network that will scale economically and quickly to meet your changing needs.

Our first step is to perform a site inspection to determine the effectiveness of your current infrastructure in relation to your business needs. After a careful evaluation of your business processes, we create a concise, consistent network architecture that accurately reflects your business requirements. An important feature of all our networks is easy implementation, and a design that scales to your changing needs.

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Service & Maintenance

Most I.T companies force you into signing a maintenance contract which can cost thousands not to mention confuse you as to what is covered under the contract and what is not. We are constantly amazed how many companies are on maintenance contracts and have no idea what it covers. Do you know what yours covers? They also say that a maintenance contract will guarantee a specified response time which is not always the case.

Here at Computerware Plus we do believe in maintenance just not in a contract. We have found that doing maintenance on an ad-hoc basis reduces costs for our clients on an annual basis and actually improves our response times. By not forcing our clients onto a maintenance contract we have the freedom to respond to critical jobs.

We offer a monthly or two monthly system check. The system check eliminates any confusion a typical maintenance contract has because all we are doing is checking for what the system needs at that particular time. If we do find something that needs attention we will then quote for that job to be carried out. This is how we reduce cost because you only pay for what you need.

Get rid of that costly maintenance contract and sign up to our system check today.

VPN & Remote Access

Remote access gives you the ability to work from home or anywhere securely. By using a VPN to create a secure tunnel over the internet to your work place this gives you access to all your resources on the network like your programs data and printers. We can set up access to you personal computer at your work place as if you were actually sitting in front of it. Most people are amazed at how cheap it is to set up secure remote access and how much extra work they are able to get done.

Servers & Workstations

Servers are computers that are dedicated to the task of hosting network resources like files, databases, accounting programs and printers. Typically, nobody is going to be sitting down at a server to do their work. Workstations are computers that use network resources, but that generally do not host resources of their own. For example, a computer that is running Windows XP would be considered a workstation so long as it is connected to a network and is not sharing files or printers.

However commonly on small networks of only a few machines you will find a peer machine this is a computer that acts as both a workstation and a server. Such machines typically run workstation operating systems (such as Windows XP), but are used to both access and host network resources.

Off-the-shelf workstations do not always have the specifications businesses need. Nor do they necessarily have the scalability to meet the challenges of business expansion. Computerware Plus will tailor each machine to meet your current needs, be cost effective to upgrade to your future needs and do it with a level of service that will exceed your expectations. Our hardware is backed by a three year limited Return to Base or Onsite warranty. Our quality assembly, testing and software installation processes typically result in a one or two day turn around from order to delivery.

Cabling & Wireless Networking

Structured cabling is the back bone of any network and provides the platform for your IT strategy. Getting it right is the difference between a low cost efficient network and an endless support problem.

Here at Computerware Plus we will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company.

Copper Infrastructure Cabling Solutions

Implementing cat 5e,6 shielded and un–shielded copper cable providing bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps. Future proofing your network and far surpassing TIA Cat 5e Standards.

Hybrid networks

Implementing a combination of structured cable and Wireless Access Points, Bridges to provide a network solution that caters for all your needs using the latest in WiFi enabled devices complying with the new 802.11n standard to allow complete wireless roaming.

Office Relocating

Relocating your office. Want to save all the hassle of getting it all up and running at your new location? We will take care of all your problems from shipping your entire IT info structure to running new cables and network points. Making sure every element of your system works flawlessly from your new multifunction copier to your old mouse. We will make your move as easy and hassle free as a call to Computeware Plus

Coaxial cabling

For all your cctv needs

Our Promise

Designing and installing a reliable cost effective network with next to no downtime. Using reliable tried and tested equipment from only the best Manufactures like HP, Snapgear and Netgear a system that is transparent to its uses yet reliable and easy to expand.

Keywords: Remote Access, Workstations