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By: Computer Music  06-Dec-2011
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Groovy Music Software | Music Software For Children | New Zealand

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Single license $123.00inc GST<br /> Multi Seat 5+ $82inc GST per seat<br />

Groovy Music is a series of three programs that make teaching music to primary children easy and fun!

Supporting the non-specialist teacher in particular, it comes with plenty of clear and well-written supporting materials- and you don't have to be a musicion to use it.

Children will love

Groovy Music

. It lets them explore musical concepts through exercises and games, then create their own music, so there is plenty of room for them to experiment. In fact, Groovy Music is so compelling that once children start making music they just won't want to stop!

Groovy music is incredibly easy to use so you won't waste time on setting it up and learning how it works.

Each of the three Groovy Music programs is designed to be usedby a different age group, with more complex musical ideas being explored as children progress through the series. Each program has its own 'theme', with exiting and engaging graphics to appeal to the age group for which it's designed.

Groovy Jungle
Groovy City
Groovy Shapes

See and hear

Groovy Music

on the web!

Now children can easily share the music they have created in class with their family and friends.

is a 100% free, completely safe website that enables children to post their

Groovy Music

compositions online and get praise and feedback.

Anyone with a web browser can view and hear

Groovy Music

songs that children have decided to share. Children can also find compositions by other young people to get ideas, do remixes and even get into the official Groovy Charts!

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Keywords: Gst, Music Software

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