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By: Componentsource  06-Dec-2011
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What’s new in NetAdvantage for WPF Line of Business 2011 Volume 1?

  • Microsoft Word Library – NEW! - The new Word Library gives you the ability to create and work with Microsoft Word document files.  The library features the ability to write out styled text, hyperlinks, images, tables and shapes.  In addition, it provides you with document-specific features that allow you to specify the page size, margins, page breaks, and set header/footer information.  You can easily integrate this library into your WPF applications.
  • IG Theme – NEW! - The IG Theme was created to allow application developers a complete visual theme, so modern applications can be created without having to rely on the Microsoft Office brand.
  • xamGridWordWriter – NEW! - This is a new lightweight control that enables you to stream the xamGrid to a Microsoft Word document. Its implementation makes creating a Word document as simple as writing only a couple of lines of code.
  • xamDockManager– NEW! - The new WPF docking control offers you the ability to build highly flexible layout experiences into your Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that mimic the power and versatility provided by the Visual Studio 2010 environment.
  • Calendar – NEW! - A WPF compatible calendar control that mimics the experience of the Windows 7 system calendar.
  • xamSchedule - Enhanced!
    • Date Navigator (NEW!) - A calendar control that is tightly integrated with xamSchedule to highlight dates with activity and display informative tooltips for each day that summarizes the activities scheduled for that day. The Date Navigator is also tighly integrated with the new Outlook Calendar View control to support synchronized date selection.
    • Outlook Calendar View (NEW!) - A new control that synchronizes Selection/Activation across any combination of DayView, MonthView and ScheduleView controls to simulate the look and behavior of Outlook’s calendar view.
    • Dialogs – New custom dialog windows for Tasks and Journals allow you to more completely mimic the Microsoft Outlook 2010-style user experience.
    • Resize Day View Headers - The Day View's header can now be resized and scrolled.
    • Resize Schedule View Headers - The Schedule View's header can now be resized.
    • Calendar Group Resizing and Scrolling - Where the xamSchedule controls allow the ability to display multiple groups of calendars; all groups are of equal size.  We've enhanced this so that you can now resize the calendars, or scroll different groups of calendars into and out-of-view.

What’s new in NetAdvantage for WPF Line of Business 2010 Volume 3?

  • Office 2010 Style - NEW! - Give all WPF line of business controls the Microsoft Office 2010 Blue Theme for a modern look and feel.
  • xamRibbon – Enhanced - New support in the WPF ribbon allows you to deliver the usability improvements of the Microsoft Office 2010 ribbon user interface with your own WPF line of business applications.
  • Office 2010 Scenic Ribbon – New scenic ribbon now with an Office 2010 style gives you the ability to create rich applications that have improved ease-of-use.
  • xamSchedule - NEW!  - dd Microsoft Outlook 2010-style scheduling to your WPF line of business applications with this complete set of stylable scheduling UI controls and extensible data connectors.
  • Complete Scheduling Solution – xamSchedule includes rich scheduling functionality like multi-day and multi-resource views at one time, customizable Office 2010-style dialogs with an optional ribbon user interface, reminders, and a recurrence engine that supports a superset of recurrence rules exceeding what is possible in Outlook 2010.
  • Day View – xamDayView gives users the ability to visualizae appointments like in a day planner, on a per-day basis or a series of multiple days that can include the work week, calendar week, or any discontinuous date range.
  • Month View – xamMonthView mimics the month view calendar of Outlook 2010 to allow users to visualize their appointments, including multi-day events, on the timescale of an entire month.
  • Schedule View – xamScheduleView creates the new horizontal time axis view of a schedule that was new to Outlook 2010. This view enables users to make quick visual comparisons between two or more schedules.
  • Data Manager – xamScheduleDataManager serves as a single controller that manages calendar setting coordination across the multiple views supported by xamSchedule.
  • Data Connector – An extensible data connector design pattern features pre-built connectors for data binding activities, resources and calendars to generic lists including Microsoft SQL Server®, Observable Collections, etc., and a WCF connector.
  • xamDataTree - NEW! - Comfortably handle tens of thousands of tree nodes with this data bound tree view built for blazing speed over an unlimited set of hierarchical data.
  • Infinite Depth – xamDataTree can nest tree nodes to any level of depth. Instead of defining a template for each tree level, you define node layouts that can target a particular Type of tree node, and apply them to any level of depth within the tree.
  • Multiple Kinds of Child Nodes – As a direct consequence of the new node layout architecture, you can have two or more kinds of tree nodes as children for any parent tree node.
  • Drag and Drop – Users can edit tree nodes, and you can define your own control template to customize the editor that they will use.
  • UI Virtualization – xamDataTree virtualizes tree nodes so they only take up system resources when they need to be displayed to the user, giving it lightning-fast responsiveness.
  • Checkbox Nodes – One or more tree nodes can be selected at a given time through checkboxes next to each tree node.
  • Node Line Connectors – You can customize every aspect of the appearance, right down to the styling of line connectors between parent and child tree nodes.

NetAdvantage for WPF Line of Business Features:

xamDataGrid – a flexible WPF data grid, the xamDataGrid brings the time honored familiarity of tabular style data presentation and infuses it into WPF.

  • Data binding - simplify development with a single data binding property that supports a wide variety of data sources, including the XmlDataProvider and ObjectDataProvider, and more traditional objects such as DataSets, Arrays or Collections
  • True hierarchical data rendering - automatically detect and display complex, hierarchical data structures
  • Field sorting, grouping and resizing - all of the basic data organization features your users expect
  • Seamless data editing experience - easy new record creation, inline data editing, and convenient data editing controls
  • Performance - utilizing WPF’s native UI Virtualization technology, combined with Infragistics Lazy Loading technology, the xamDataGrid can handle thousands of data records, letting your users consume volumes of information
  • Presentation - designers can leverage the styling and layout capabilities of the xamDataGrid to design applications with highly stylized, immersive user interfaces

xamCarouselPanel - highly flexible layout control, which can best be used for simplified object layouts such as for navigation. The xamCarouselPanel gives developers and designers alike a tool with which to create unique, interactive and immersive applications.

  • Path-based layout - based on the WPF Path object, the xamCarouselPanel gives you layout flexibility
  • Path Effects - utilize five types of Path Effects to add flair to your user interface

xamCarouselListBox - the familiarity of the ListBox control meets the innovative layout capabilities of the xamCarouselPanel.

  • Simple and familiar object model of the standard ListBox control, including basic data binding capabilities
  • Leverages the xamCarouselPanel for layout, giving you the flexibility you need

xamDataCarousel - the xamDataCarousel is a flexible data layout control.

  • Based on the same data architecture as the xamDataGrid, giving you databinding capabilities, including hierarchical data layout.  Also includes Grouping and Sorting capabilities
  • Leverages the layout capabilities of the xamCarouselPanel allowing you to create modern data-driven user interfaces

xamDataPresenter - the xamDataPresenter combines the xamDataGrid and the xamDataCarousel into a single control, allowing you to provide a flexible and customizable user interface to your users.

  • Utilizing the xamDataGrid and xamDataCarousel to give you all the data management and layout features you need
  • Allow your users to choose their data View with a single property setting.  Easily change from traditional tabular view to carousel view

xamEditors - included in this release are the xamTextEditor and xamMaskedEditor data editing controls.  Use as stand-alone editors, or easily integrate into the xamDataGrid, the xamEditor controls help you ensure the validity of your user-entered data.

  • Template based architecture gives you maximum control over the control's user interface
  • Easily integrated into the xamDataGrid to extend the data editing experience through your application


  • Enable end users to reconfigure their work environment in ways that make the most effective layout of screen real estate by docking, un-docking and repositioning panels.
  • Easily deliver rich and usable UIs with an easy-to-use docking manager control that handles all of the layout mechanics for you.

xamChart - The xamChart is a new visual WPF control that presents your heavy-duty data using graphics to enable users to more quickly analyze and understand its relevance. This WPF chart control displays values using columns, pie wedges, cylinders and more using the advanced graphics rendering capabilities inherent in the WPF platform.

Chart Types - The xamChart control supports 25 different chart types, which will allow you to select the perfect look to accent the data in your application. xamChart includes all of the following chart types:

  • Area chart
  • Bar chart
  • Bubble chart
  • Candle chart
  • Column chart
  • Cylinder bar chart
  • Cylinder chart
  • Doughnut chart
  • Line chart        
  • Pie chart
  • Point chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Scatter line chart
  • Spline chart
  • Stacked 100% area chart
  • Stacked 100% bar chart
  • Stacked 100% column chart
  • Stacked 100% cylinder bar chart
  • Stacked 100% cylinder chart
  • Stacked area chart
  • Stacked bar chart
  • Stacked column chart
  • Stacked cylinder bar chart
  • Stock chart (OHLC bar)

xamRibbon - The xamRibbon control is a menu control that replicates the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon functionality in a Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. Instead of using the plain, default, drop-down menu of decades past, you can use xamRibbon to give your application a stylish look and feel. Not only can you improve your application's look and feel, you can also improve usability by using xamRibbon's many features.

xamComboEditor - The xamComboEditor is an editor control that provides a drop-down list from which your users can select an item. As with the other xamEditors, the xamComboEditor can be plugged in to the xamDataGrid for use as an in-line data editor with drop-down list capabilities. Now it's easy for your users to edit the value of a data grid or data presenter cell from an enumerable collection. This can help make your WPF data-driven applications more user friendly, and decrease the risk of typographic errors during data entry.

Theme Packs - NetAdvantage for WPF includes several Theme Packs, designed by the Infragistics Visual Design Group, making it easy for you to give the controls a clean and modern look with a single property setting.

  • Windows Themes
  • Office Themes including Office Black, Office Blue and Office Silver
  • Infragistics designed Themes include: Hulk, Leaf, Fall, Lipstick, Wind, Water, and Onyx

Fully supporting the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform, NetAdvantage for WPF controls enable a clear separation of application look & feel from behaviour, allowing teams of visual designers and software developers to collaborate more naturally. Visual Designers can style NetAdvantage for WPF control’s look and feel using XAML and Microsoft Expression Blend and software developers can define control behaviour using managed C# or VB.NET code with Visual Studio.

Keywords: Visual Studio, Wpf

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