vbSeries product detail — Commtest

By: Commtest  05-Apr-2012

  • Five year instrument warranty
  • Free software updates to the original registered owner
  • Improved ergonomics for walk around data collection
  • Large, high resolution (HVGA) backlit LCD
  • True left- and right-handed operation
  • Multi-channel on route recordings (collectors and analyzers only)
  • 1 GB memory - virtually unlimited spectra and waveform storage
  • Lightweight, rugged IP65 rated cases
  • DC coupled sensor support
  • 12 800 lines of resolution
  • 40 kHz Fmax
  • Single, dual or four-channel recordings depending on model
  • CSA Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations certification
  • USB host port for data transfer to external USB memory

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vbOnline product detail — Commtest

With a vbOnline system you can easily schedule periodic measurements in the most inaccessible environments and remotely monitor the health of your critical assets 24/7. The vbOnline system enables you to collect data more cost effectively, in a more timely fashion, and with improved accuracy compared to walk around portable routines. Each vbOnline device connects directly into the LAN / WAN network within your plant.