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By: Color Factory  06-Dec-2011
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Are you ready to dye?

For any dye job, you need to follow this procedure:

  • Read it carefully, sign and return this with the item you want dyed.
  • Tell or show us the colour you want (a PMS number is suitable or a cutting of fabric).
  • Give us a delivery address and your contact telephone numbers.
  • We will then proceed to dye this item for you. If we have any problems we will contact you.

Organic dyeing

  • Our dyes also comply with the Ocko-Tex standard 100 for materials that come in direct contact with the skin.
  • The dyestuffs do not liberate – by reductive clearage – any one or more of the 22 carcinogenic amines listed in the EU Directive 2002/61/EC dated 19/07/2002 i.e. they comply with the azo dye ban.

Professional fabric dyeing for quality results

  • Using our Gretag Spectrophotometer, we can match any existing colour, then reproduce it exactly. You can give us a PMS number or bring in a fabric swatch of the colour you want. If you don’t know the colour you want, you can choose from an extensive list of colour recipes in our database.
  • We recently invested more than $200,000 in new dyeing equipment to ensure consistent, quality results.
  • The entire dying process is automatic, including adding the dyestuff, adding the water and steam, and the final extraction or spin processes.
  • We dry the fabrics and garments at the optimum drying temperatures dictated by the fabric itself.
  • All dyes are colourfast.
  • The dyes we use comply with the Ocko-Tex standard 100 for materials that come in direct contact with the skin.

Dye your clothes

  • Your favourite jeans can be restored to their almost-original glory.
  • Buy white or light-coloured clothes that fit well, then have them dyed any colour you like.
  • Update knitwear, shirts and tailored trousers.
  • Restore intensity to faded blacks.
  • Get into fashion with tie dyeing. Tie dye garments look great.

Dye your curtains, cushion covers and bed linen

  • We will test your curtains first to see if they are suited to dyeing.
  • We also dye sheets, pillowcases, cushion covers and more.
  • Dyeing lounge suite loose covers is an easy way to update your living area.

Things you need to know about dyeing

  • Acrylic fabrics will not dye in our processes.
  • Bed and bath linen with prior use may dye unevenly and may also shrink.
  • When the fibre type is unknown, the resulting colour may be unexpected.
  • Silk soft sheen is lost during dyeing leaving a suede or ‘washed’ look.
  • Do not dye duchess satin silk. A professional dry cleaner who offers “silk finish” can often restore sheen and colour intensity.
  • Stains from aluminium-based deodorants, perspiration, body oils and similar chemicals attract excess surface dye.
  • Some acetates crease permanently during processing, but acetate blends generally dye successfully.
  • Stitching often dyes lighter than the fabric colour.
  • Commonly used fabric resin treatments can cause colours to dye lighter than expected. A second process (free of charge) may rectify this.
  • Matching blacks should not be attempted as blacks rarely match.
  • Remove all leather from your article as it shrinks during the dyeing process. Raw or cut fabric edges should be overlocked.
  • If you want to tie dye please call us. Tie dyeing is a manual process and results will vary but it is well worth the effort.


In our experience, curtains always shrink a bit. Silk also shrinks and often dyes lighter than expected. Most shrinkage occurs due to loss of moisture. Tumble drying, yarn structure and other factors make shrinkage difficult to predict. To regain size, you can stretch the item when wet and ‘line’ or ‘flat’ dry away from sunlight. In most cases, your professional dry cleaner is able to retension, steam and stretch your article.

Buttons and zips

Buttons and zips will only dye in a multi-fibre dye process. Shell, pearl, metal and fabric buttons will deteriorate and may break during dyeing – it’s best to remove them. We do not replace missing or damaged buttons and zips.

Tailored articles

After processing, around 20% of tailored articles such as jackets and coats require some repairs.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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