News - COLIN KING MP for Kaikoura

By: Colin King  06-Dec-2011

News - COLIN KING MP for Kaikoura

The latest crime statistics for Tasman District (which includes Marlborough, Kaikōura, Nelson, Tasman and the West Coast) show that recorded crime has dropped 8.2 % per head of population in the past year.
These results are great news for our community, especially compared to last year when crime only dropped 1.6 per cent. It reflects the hard work of local police and National’s commitment to tackle crime and make families safer in their homes and communities.
I back our Police in their efforts to fight crime. I’m proud to be part of the National-led Government, which has delivered on our promise to put 600 extra police on the frontline by (put the year. i.e. 2012. We’ve also improved the police tool kit with more than 720 tasers for frontline police and new powers for police to address the drivers of crime.
The drop in recorded crime shows the fight against crime is working. Drug related offences dropped 9.2 per cent, damage to property fell 9.4 per cent, and theft which is the biggest issue in our community fell 12.4 per cent.

National has passed 18 new laws to help make families safer in their homes and communities. We’re addressing the drivers of crime by clamping down on gangs and P, investing in new programmes to turn young offenders away from crime, and confronting binge-drinking culture.

It has also been a very busy few weeks at Parliament, as the sitting session for 2011 comes to a close. Parliament sat under urgency, as the Video Camera Surveillance (Temporary Measures) Bill was introduced. This Bill is a necessary temporary measure to allow police (with a warrant) to continue to use video surveillance on private property in their continuing operations involving things like gang activity, methamphetamine manufacture and serious violence.

The Supreme Court decision overturned previous Court of Appeal decisions about the legality of Police using covert video surveillance. Covert video surveillance cameras have been used by the Police for the last 17 years at least and have helped immensely with the investigation of serious crimes.

The Bill will allow Police to continue to fight crime in the context of the law as it was understood by successive governments, the Police and the Court of Appeal.

It is a temporary patch until the next Parliament can consider the much wider new regulatory regime of the Search and Surveillance Bill.

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