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By: Cointalk  06-Dec-2011

What You Need To Know about the Type II Reverse Franklin..

.. And quite a bit you didn't.

by Jason Poe

There is an interesting variety known on 1958 and 1959 business strike Franklins: the Type I and Type II reverses. The Type I is also known as the ‘weak eagle,’ and Type II is the ‘strong eagle.’ The Type II reverse is from dies which were intended for proof coinage, but accidentally used on business strikes instead.

The story starts in 1956, with the proof coinage of that year. In 1956, the eagle was redesigned on the proof coinage, to strengthen the details. Look on the reverse of a Franklin, at the eagle. Now look at the bottom of the eagle, and see the branch he is perched on? You will ..

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Coin Collecting - - United States Coins - united states coins

While the reverse depicts little round top with a very interesting, deep, quote by a little known hero of the civil war. Recently, I was looking through some of the older commemoratives, came across this coin and fell in love with it. If I don't have a preference between the PF and MS version, I usually buy the lower mintage. So I bought an example of it in MS, just in the original mint box with paperwork.


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The page for this coin and some information concerning the imagry, close details and the message being espoused can be found here. I dont usually post these but I just found this coin, and the ideas expressed on it, fascinating and felt the need to pass it on. The main purpose is to document the coin and offer as much information possible while keeping it brief. Here is a somewhat interesting notgeld coin.