CodeLock V2.0 - The PHP / HTML script and code Encryptor

By: Codelock  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Encryption, Php

Encrypting your PHP code is no longer an expensive or painful task..

Codelock V2.0 uses a unique "key" encryption method to encrypt your pages . Along with proven as well as unique encryption algorithms, Codelock V2.0 offers ultimately stronger security for your data. Without an unlock key, your code is virtually indecipherable and untouchable.

Codelock V2.0 offers you the best user-friendly encryption power without being complicated. Your scripts can be easily exported and executed by end-users without any modifications to their server.

All you need to do is:

1. Encrypt your page(s) with the encryptor - Just specify your directory
2. View / get your newly encrypted file(s) - and give them a quick test
3. Include the decryptor file along with your encrypted PHP page(s)
4. Send / Run your PHP page(s) safely!


Keywords: Encryption, Php