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By: Codefab  06-Dec-2011

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The event is inspired by BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse, and MacHack, to develop Native iOS / Android, Cross-Platform and Web-based applications for iPhones, iPads and Android Devices of all kinds. This follows the previous iPhoneDevCamp events held in Palo Alto since 2007 and in NYC since 2009. Out-of-town guests are welcome.

Attendees will include Apple iOS developers, Google Android developers, web developers, UI designers, and testers, all working together over the weekend. Development projects will include both solo and team efforts. While some attendees will wish to work solo during the event, we encourage attendees to team up, based on expertise, to work in ad-hoc project development teams. All attendees should be prepared to work on a development project during the event.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Create new applications for iOS and Android devices.
  • Migrate applications across platforms.
  • Test and optimize applications.

We are sensitive to the NDAs that Apple and Google have in place on their respective SDKs, and we have no intention of violating the terms that individual developers have in place with Apple or Google.

The goal is for you to be able to show up and build some cool apps.

You code, and leave the rest to us.


  • Friday: 6pm-10pm
  • Saturday: 9:30am-6pm
  • Sunday: 9:30am-6pm


Here are the details so far (times are EDT):

1700-1800 – Organizer’s Meetup with Volunteers
1800 – Doors Open
1800-1830 – Welcome and Introductions
1830-1900 – Welcome speaker: Alex Cone
1900-2000 – Mixer
2000-2130 – Music (DJ Bojan)
2200 – Doors Close

0930-1000 – Sign-in, coffee
1000 – Introductions
1000-1030 – Keynote Alex Cone
1030-1200 – Tech Talks: Cross Platform Tools
(for speakers see below)
1200-1300 – Pizza Lunch
1300 – Begin freeform collaboration
1300-1600 – Submit entries for Teams
1300-1800 – Hackathon!

0930-1100 – Cross Platform Development Panel: Strategies In A Multi-Platform World
(for panelists see below)
1100-1300 – Hackathon
1300-1400 – Pizza Lunch
1400-1530 – Hackathon
1530 – Hackathon Entries due
1530-1600 – Hackathon Show
1600-1730 – Awards & Prizes, Raffle sponsored by Time Inc.
1730-1800 – Pack It Up
1800 – Doors Close

Speakers & Presentations

  • Hylke Faber — Life, Creativity and Development
  • Mike Bluestein — MonoTouch
  • Greg Shackles — MonoDroid
  • Ben Bahrenberg — Appcelerator/Titanium
  • Brian Moore – Rhomobile
  • Anthony Watkins – Flurry

As we gear up for MobileDevCamp, we want to repeat the success of previous years’ Hackathon Contests where many were presented during the Hackathon Show, some created by teams that had never met each other before the conference started.

To do this, we want to reward those who represent the following values:

  • Contribution: by assisting the commons, offering value, and in general by being useful.
  • Sharing: by offering help, sharing code or expertise, or by assistance in testing or debugging.
  • Openness: by asking good questions, by answering them, by being open to people and ideas, and by making source code available.
  • And of course, by demonstrating a “Can Do” attitude.

Participants demonstrating these values will be entered in a drawing for special prizes at the end of the contest awards presentation.


  • Friday night — During the party is a good time to start sharing your ideas, choose your project, and begin to find your team.
  • Saturday morning — After the keynote, we will have a session where people can have an opportunity to recruit others to help with their projects. Last year everyone was valued, even those without significant programming skills, as almost every team needed design and testing help. Several teams last year won a prizes without any prior iPhone coding experience, and one team won a prize that didn’t even have a coder!
  • Saturday afternoon though Sunday mid-day — Find something undocumented and share it! Show us how you made something work! Create a cool demo of a feature we didn’t know about! It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to be able to share it! If you haven’t started a project or found a team, find one of the DevCamp staff and we’ll help you find some people who need you.
  • Sunday 3:30pm Entry Deadline — all entries for the Hackathon Show should be submitted to the Hackathon Staff . If there are more submissions then what we have time to demonstrate, submissions that offer source code will be given first priority, then submissions that the moderators think are “cool”. While you are waiting, help us rearrange the lunch room for the Show.
  • Sunday 3:30-4pm The Hackathon Show — Demos should be around 3 minutes, so practice your presentation before you get to the podium. We will have two overhead projectors set up so that we can transition from demo to demo quickly. You can also use a laptop with an appropriate Device Simulator to demonstrate your App.
  • Sunday 4pm Break — The Hackathon Show judges will take a break to consult and select the winners of the Special Awards. Winners are at the sole discretion of the DevCamp judges.
  • Sunday 4:15pm Special Awards — The more prizes will be given out for each of the Special Award categories. At their discretion, the DevCamp staff may also allow some others who did not demo the opportunity to get a chance to win a Special Award if they demonstrated values of sharing, participation, and “can do” attitude during the DevCamp hackathon.
  • Sunday 5pm General Prizes — Some of the more desirable General Prizes will be given out by random draw to those who participated in the Hackathon.
  • Sunday 6:00pm End of the Hackathon! — Source code and demos should be turned in for release to the public along with the posted winners of the Hackathon contest awards!

General Prize Eligibility

Everyone is eligible for the General Prizes — you just have to participate!

Special Awards Eligibility

Every team’s project will be eligible for consideration for a Special Award.

You will be expected to demonstrate your App during the Hackathon Show. Remember, if there are too many submissions, the Hackathon moderators may have to make a judgment call as to what Apps will make the cut to be demonstrated. If you don’t make the cut, you can’t win a Special Award, but you are still eligible for General Awards.

Special Awards Criteria

There will be a number of categories of Special Awards, each will have different requirements.

In general, Apps in most categories will be judged on not only on their function, but also if they are fun & cool.

We also value Apps with simplicity and elegance.

Apps do not have to be “finished” to win — we would rather you demonstrate what your App can do well, rather then worry about what may be not complete.

Hackathon Contest Award Categories

  • Coolest App Overall –> Each member of the winning team wins an iPad 2!
  • Best App Demonstrating iOS & Android cooperation
  • Best Single-Source Multi-Platform App
  • Most Innovative App
  • Most Entertaining or Useful App
  • Most Elegant or Creative User Interface
  • Best Developer Tool / Helper
  • Best Social App
  • Best Game

Saturday Morning
Flurry: “State of the Mobile Market – Apps, Ads and Virtual Goods”
Vendor Tech Sessions: “State of Cross-Platform Tools Technology”

Sunday Morning
Panel: “Cross Platform Development Panel: Strategies In A Multi-Platform World”
(Moderator: Michael Prenez-Isbell, Director of Mobile Development at RSG Media)

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