CLUBtXt Services

By: Clubtxt  06-Dec-2011

CLUBtXt is an "on demand" text service that a club provides. When a person sends a txt message with the club's  ClubWord to 213 then they will get the club's current reply message sent back to them. The club is able to see messages as members send them and can alter the club's reply message at any time.

TWO WAY: Not only can members get the club's message(s), at the same time they can also send the club information with their own messages (members can send names & addresses, coaches can send events, cancellations, etc), the club can also then send subsequent replies to incoming messages, offering two way interactivity.

KEYWORDS: Your club can setup your own keywords to follow your ClubWord and setup unique reply messages for each keyword, offering specific messages for different teams or events within the club. They simply send your ClubWord followed by a keyword you have setup in advance to get each unique message.

TXT CLUB: CLUBtXt provides a membership database which allows your club members to receive further messages or alerts from you. Once your club members have been added to the database, they can be added to teams(groups) that the club can create, allowing your club to push text messages to members of particular team. To remove themselves from the club's database a member simply sends ClubWord stop to 213.

Q) Why do I need a CLUBtXt solution? 
Our software makes it quick and easy to get you setup and started with your own ClubWord. Our special software capabilities mean you have the ability to setup quickly and easily your own keywords for providing diverse information to your members. Keywords for events, cancellations and individual teams are easy to setup and you have full control over the keywords and the message responses they provide. The Club  can also push messages to members and join members up to teams (contact lists). This means you can target push text messaging to the relevant team members allowing easy communication of essential information to targeted audiences, keeping your costs to a minimum. We give the power to our customers allowing them to manage their own solutions.

Q) Are there any limitations on the  ClubWords and keywords I can use?
Generally you can have any ClubWord you want and we can provide alternative spelling options based on your particular ClubWord. You can also generate your own keywords the only limitations being keywords already in use such as KEYWORDS and STOP. You can also not use rude or offensive language in any of your messages or keywords. There are also limitations to who can use such words as COKE and DISNEY as these imply a certain organisation is managing such ClubWords though they can still be used as keywords, for example if you are running your own COKE competition or giveaway.

Q) I already have team lists, with mobile numbers, how can I transfer these to CLUBtXt?
CLUBtXthas tools to assist you with uploading existing member information into your club's database allowing you to quickly and easily migrate existing contact information and team memberships into your CLUBtXtaccount. This allows you to get up and running quickly, and start using CLUBtXt to increase your members awareness of important club events and information right away.

Q) How can I use CLUBtXt to receive information from my Coaches?
With CLUBtXt you can place profiles (A name and other details attached to a mobile phone number) into one or more teams (A contact group) and then either send text messages to specific teams, or see all incoming text messages from specific teams. If you have created the coaches profiles on CLUBtXt, you can then create a 'coaches' team with these profiles which can be used to filter incoming messages so you see just the coaches messages. You can then individually reply to each message, or alternatively send a message to all members of the 'coaches' team.