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By: Cloudberry Market  06-Dec-2011


Finland became known as a leading country of design in the mid-20th century largely thanks to glass blowers' innovative approach to design. In the middle years of this century, Scandinavian design became celebrated for its reachable approach to modernism, and the warmth and humanity of its products mesmerized an international market. In the process, Scandinavia was often regarded as a single entity, rather than five different, though related nations. Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden share a great deal of history, but each has its own characteristics and design identity. In particular, Finland, separated from its neighbors by language as well as geographic barriers, took its own distinctive path to modernism. Extracting inspiration from historic folklore, the Finns translated it into original designs that provided them both national identity and international recognition.

Traditionally, Finnish glass was either clear or pale green in color, but in the fifties, factories and designers started experimenting with different tinting techniques, which became a trade mark for Finnish Design. Multicolored glass became very popular, both in Finland and in the rest of the world. In fact, glass sets were sold where every glass was a different color.

There are three main reasons for the success of Finnish glass design. First, its idiosyncratic character, rooted in the elements of Finnish nature, has given it a unique quality. Second, the glassworks in Finland provided designers with the security and the freedom to develop their style. The glassworks arranged competitions through which young artists received recognition for their work in Finland, and Finnish glass design was also promoted on the international scene via the Triennials and World Fairs. Finally, the designers themselves have left their permanent mark on Finnish glass design. Their astonishing creations are what have secured international fame for Finnish glass.

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For “the people of forest” it has always been natural choice of material; easily available, durable and warm material to handle even in extreme winter cold, not to forget that it always has pleasant aroma also. Most Scandinavian household items were made of wide variety of wood like birch, pine, aspen, alder, juniper and spruce. Raw materials were taken directly from the natural surroundings: reindeer skin, antler, birch wood and roots.