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By: Clive Wilson Computers  06-Dec-2011

services — Clive Wilson Computers(Gore) Ltd

Local support and service

Locally owned and operated, we are a Southland company and feel that is very important to support Southland operations.
You are assured of top quality advice and service at all times.
We employ full time qualified technicians who can all help you with a problem you may have, be it phone support, remote support or full workshop service - we have the resources to help. 
Most of our warranty work for PC's and Laptops are completed in our workshop. We do not send our computers off our premises unless absolutely required. This enables you to have the most efficient technical, upgrade, and repair services available.

Existing Users:

No matter where you purchased your current PC or Laptop we can upgrade or repair it for you. Our technical staff can outline all your upgrade options, and advise you on an appropriate path for future upgrade ability.

Workshop - in our workshop you can find our very experienced staff who are eager to solve your I.T problems. They work as quickly as possible for you so there is little down time with most repair jobs ranging from 1-3 days.
They can also run a SERVICE over your machine. This option is just like your car - it's a great way to find out if your machine is in good health. We will let you know if there are some upgrades available that will make your machine run better, or if you have any little viruses/spyware or malware infections.

Onsite - we can very easily visit your site and help solve your I.T problem. You can find us going anywhere in the Southland areas, West Otago, Balclutha, Ranfurly even.

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