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By: Climbing Jack  05-Apr-2012
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The Climbing Plant Fence

2m wide x 1.9m high

Climbing Jack is proud to bring you the mighty bean, tomato, sweet pea, passion fruit, ornamental climber, cucumber fence!

We call it the bean fence for short and the ideas department at Climbing Jack have put their heads together to come up with what they think is the best bean fence on the market today. From the evergreen gardener to the budding green thumb, our bean fence has been designed so that everyone can make the most of this simple gardening tradition.


  • Fresh is Best – Grow fresh, organic fruit and vegetables right in your own backyard.
  • Growing families growing for good – Reconnect with nature and become more self-sufficient through traditional growing methods.
  • Easy to use, move and install – Setup is simple and best of all your Climbing Jack bean fence is relocatable.
  • Future proof and weather proof – Designed to withstand both wind and corrosion damage.
  • Space saver – Maximise your garden area by growing up! Perfect for people who have limited space in their garden.
  • Better plant care – Encouraging your plants to grow up means better air circulation which in turn makes them less susceptible to disease. 

So as it turns out the humble bean, tomato, sweet pea, passion fruit, ornamental climber, cucumber fence is actually quite useful. Our range of bean fence’s come in four different sizes and are detailed below.

Climbing Jack 2m wide x 1.9m high – $149

Our most popular model this “Jack of all trades” Climbing Jack bean fence will fit in almost any garden and works with any climbing plant. It provides a great vertical growing area while keeping within a reasonable length.

2m wide x 1.9m high

Climbing Jack 4m wide x 1.9m high – $199

Climbing Jacks biggest bean fence, this model is great for people who are looking to grow a range of climbing plants or have an abundant supply of their favourite fruit and veggies.

4m wide x 1.9m high

Climbing Jack 2m wide x 1.5m high – $139

The baby of the family and Climbing Jacks smallest bean fence, this model is perfect for small raised bed gardens or for the smaller varieties of climbing plants.

2m wide x 1.5m high

Climbing Jack 4m wide x 1.5m high – $189

This Climbing Jack bean fence is made to accommodate larger raised beds with its extra length and reasonable height.

4m wide x 1.5m high

# All orders carry a nationwide delivery charge of $10

Technical Features

We have done our best to make sure your Climbing Jack is made from high quality materials, designed to withstand strong winds, and resists corrosion as much as possible. These features include:

  • Galvanised Steel Tube – The steel tube we used for the frame has a protective galvanised layer on both the outside and the inside. This tube is then preheated before it is powder coated to ensure a strong bond betewen the galvanised surface and the paint.
  • Wind Stability - With every Climbing Jack comes a specially designed base plate system that provides greater support and strength at the base of the frame. Additionally we have included a guy rope pack with every Climbing Jack as well for further support if your frame is in a high wind area or if there is a heavy crop load on.
  • Netting -  The net used in our Climbing Jacks has a 600kg breaking strain to withstand heavy crop loads (If however you do manage to grow a 600kg tomato then Climbing Jack will happily shout you a new net). We have also added UV stabilisers to the net to increase its durability.
The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Climbing Plants