Industrial Water Treatment & Water Recycling Equipment

By: Clearmake  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Water Treatment, Storm Water, Stormwater Management


Clearmake offer the broadest range of water treatment technologies available, applied alone or in combination to deliver the most effective solution for your water management project.  Solutions are available for tradewaste and wastewater treatment, water recycling, water harvesting, storm water management, spill detection and sludge dewatering. Select from a high quality range of standard products such as GPT's and oil/water separators, ideal for the smaller tradewaste or stormwater management project, or a multi-function custom designed solution.

All Clearmake systems are Australian made, meet Australian Standards for manufacturing and are fully warranted.

For more information about how these products are used, please visit our industry applications page.

* an oil/water/ solids separator is often referred to as an oily water separator, wash bay separator, triple interceptor, grease trap, grease trap interceptor, grease separator, grease arrestor or an oil interceptor, depending on which part of the country you're in.  For clarification on which product is required for your local area, please call 1800 700 267.

Keywords: Storm Water, Stormwater Management, Water Management, Water Treatment, Water Treatment Technologies

Other products and services from Clearmake


Industrial Stormwater Management Equipment - Clearmake

Clearmake storm water diversion systems are Level 2 Watermarked to comply with your local Council discharge requirements. Divert hardstand or stormwater to the sewer, storm water system or the environment.


Industrial Water Treatment Equipment - Clearmake

Treat harvested water for use (eg. using dam water for irrigation, toilet flushing of even potable supply. Select from a standard product range for small trade waste and storm water management projects. A variety of technologies may be applied to meet the needs of your water treatment project. Clearmake offer a complete range of industrial water treatment and tradewaste solutions. All Clearmake systems are Australian made and fully warranted.


Chemical Free Water Treatment Technology

Clearmake Electropure™ is a superior electroflocculation water treatment technology suitable for use in a wide range of water treatment and/or water recycling solutions for the commercial and industrial market. A wide range of industries and commercial applications. Storm water and waste water on building sites. Grease and oil trap water.


Industrial Water Recycling Equipment - Clearmake

All systems are Australian made and fully warranted and comply with local Council, EPA, DERM and AQIS requirements. All Clearmake water recycling systems are custom designed to suit the site specific requirements of each project. A variety of technologies may be applied to meet the needs of your water recycling project. Reduce mains water use by treating and reusing rainwater, stormwater or process water, AND.


Industrial Rainwater & Stormwater Harvesting Equipment

Water Harvesting Systems are compliant with local Council, EPA, DERM, AQIS and OH&S requirements. A Clearmake water harvesting system can be designed to manage flow rates from 5,000L/h upwards. Water Harvesting Systems offer a cost effective source of non potable water supply. Water Harvesting Systems can incorporate rain water and storm water capture. Water diversion system or first flush available.