By: Clean Off Graffiti  05-Apr-2012

How does it work? 

Unlike most paints Clean Off has a protective coating that means currently used tagging materials such as Marker Pens, spray paint, and dye simply wash off using soapy water the surface to which they are applied to! 

The product has a non- sacrificial protective coating and can be applied in matt or Gloss finish dependant on surface.

Clean off can be applied on all surfaces even if they have been previously painted.

Note product requires a 6- hour drying/hardening time after application.  

Cleanoff provides: 

  • Long term protection – a 10 year lifespan and is UV stable
  • Resists Poster adhesion
  • Does not deteriorate after repeated washing
  • Comes with an X warranty
  • Is easy and cost effective to clean

Cleanoff eliminates: 

·   The use of potentially harmful chemicals (OH&S)

·   Costs of additional product purchases

·   Does not require specialist staff to remove tagging.