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By: Claas Harvest Centre  05-Apr-2012
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For the business year 2011, the Amazone Group recorded a new record turnover of 395 million €. Compared with the previous year (290 million €), turnover increased by more than 35 % and subsequently exceeded the previous record result from 2008 (380 million €).

The export share amounted to almost 80 % and the number of employees grew from 1,500 to about 1,600. Expenditure for research and development amounted to 5 % of the turnover. In 2011 and Amazone invested more than 12 million € into fixed assets with 10 million € alone for the extension of the Company’s production facilities in Germany.

In the German home market, Amazone increased its turnover by more than 20 % and in Austria by even 30 %. Also in Russia, France, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic and Hungary, the turnover figures developed outstandingly well. Within the their areas of competence in sowing, fertilising, crop protection and municipal technology, the demand, especially on precision air seeders and large area sowing technology rose above average.


“In general, the basic mood in agriculture was very positive and, both at home and abroad, the business in agriculture ran at a very high level“, said the Amazone directors, Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer, looking back at the business done in 2011. “We are especially pleased that the turnover increase at Amazone, at more than 35 %, clearly exceeded the sector average. This success we owe to a large extent on the support of our sales partners and employees”, says Christian Dreyer. “But we also reap the benefits of the further extension to our product range and the level of service offered during the quieter years of 2009 and 2010. In this way we emerged from the economic crisis a stronger player.“ 

“2011 also again showed the importance of our innovations as an engine of progress“, Dr. Justus Dreyer added. “With innovative machinery and systems which enable more efficiency with less operating costs, we again and again provide a fresh impetus for farmers and contractors.“

“More important though than the huge turnover increases, however, is the sustainable growth for our family-run company. Therefore, also in 2011, we comprehensively invested in production, products and the development of new markets”, the directors emphasise.

12 million € invested in production facilities

The complementing of an increase in turnover with a level of investment shows, for example, in the Pantera self-propelled sprayer. The Pantera was only introduced to the market at the end of 2010 but due to its technical advantages it was extremely well accepted in the market. In order to meet the huge demand, Amazone has extended the production facilities for the Pantera at the Tecklenburg-Leeden site, with a new production hall offering a floor area of 1,500 m². With an additional hall of the same size yet again, new space was also provided there for the production of the Primera DMC large area seed drills.

Also at the Hude-Altmoorhausen site, Amazone has completed two new halls with a floor area of, in total, almost 5,000 m² and in this way doubled the capacity of this site. In addition here outside, a surface area of 10,000 m² was paved and a new stone torture track for rotary cultivators and harrows was built. Amazonen-Werke still plan for the Altmoorhausen site, with its total area of 25 hectares, a further investment of 25 million €.

At the Leipzig site, the installation of a modern, environmentally friendly powder coating plant will start within a short time. This will be, so far, the biggest individual investment at this site, where Amazone has invested more than 20 million € since 1998. For 2012, Amazone in addition, plans the erection of a new storage and logistics hall in Leipzig.

Customer service and research & development further expanded

In order to continue to develop these important technical innovations, Amazone also increased the number of employees within the product development and research sector to 165. In addition, Amazone invested in the extension to its customer service department. So, for example, in the new training centre in Hude, a total of 1,200 service staff from Amazone’s sales partners world-wide were trained in both theory and practice during the course of 2011.

To extend the consultation activities based on the 3C Cost-Cutting Concept, additional trial sites were included in the programme. Compared with other European manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Amazone today owns the most statistically reliable trials results enabling it to derive recommendations for efficient arable farming from the most different of site conditions.  

At home and abroad, Amazone again ran numerous Active Seminars and training sessions as well as field days and demonstrations. With these events and trials, Amazone managed to further increase its position as a specialist for “Intelligent Plant Production”. 

For the development of new markets and the extension of the international sales and service networks Amazone also further expanded in 2011. Amazone, together with its local partners, has, for example, further improved its market position in Kazakhstan, Canada and China.

Successful Agritechnica

The world-wide leading trade fair for agricultural technology, Agritechnica 2011, again was very successful for Amazone. Five of the 35 innovations that Amazone introduced were awarded innovation medals from the DLG expert commission and so Amazone yet again confirmed its position as one of the most innovative manufacturers of agricultural technology. In total, Amazone has been awarded 26 innovation medals at the last eight Agritechnica exhibitions.

The Citan and Condor seed drills with working widths of up to 15 m, or the UX 11200 trailed crop protection sprayer with its capacity of 12,000 litres, are potentially two of the most striking innovations. Of great importance, above all, were the new developments in electronics and control technology. So, Amazone is the new trendsetter with its ISOBUS terminals, such as Amatron 3 and the Amapad with its integration of AgApps (Agricultural Applications), a new control and operating concept.

And in the municipal machinery sector, Amazone was also awarded for an innovation. So, in 2011, the all-wheel drive, Profihopper 4WDi was awarded a medal from the Innovation Jury at the Demopark trade exhibition.

“As said earlier, innovations are the engine of technical progress and this is what our customers need enabling them also in future to achieve more efficiency with less operational costs in order to gain sufficient income”, director Dr. Justus Dreyer explained. “On the other hand, via the innovative and technological leadership, the highest quality and an efficient service back-up, we can sustainably secure our success in the market and thus the future of our company.” 

Further growth in 2012

For 2012 the Amazone directors pursue the goal to develop additional local markets and to further extend and, if possible, to achieve market leadership in all their sectors of competence . Subsequently, if the positive investment sentiment of farmers and contractors continues, the directors expect an additional growth in this year, however not as large as in 2011: “According to the actual incoming orders we can count on a good growth for the first quarter of the year“, is the prognosis of director Christian Dreyer.

Against the background of a strongly growing human population and increasingly scarce usable agricultural land, the Amazone directors see good medium to long term prospects for agriculture and agricultural technology. “And we are confidential that our growth will not only depend on the general development of the market but will be additionally inspired by our investments in products, production and markets”. So the directors stick still to their medium-term objective to achieve a total turnover of 500 million €. “in 2012 we will not get that far but, in the medium-term, this figure is within reach“, is their prognosis.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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