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By: Christchurch School Of Medicine  06-Dec-2011
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The Computer Services department is responsible for the delivery of all IT services to the University of Otago, Christchurch campus, and serves the School's strategic imperitives:

"to be a centre of excellence for the training of health professionals and make contributions to the wider community through education and research".

Computer Services supports this mission by showing leadership in the development of new services and managing IT service changes:

  • identifying the changing strategic IT needs of researchers, lecturers, and students.
  • delivering effective computer services and resources.
  • providing consultancy and IT solutions to satisfy research needs.
  • negotiating and mediating for the School with internal and external service providers to secure solutions that address the identified needs.

Eddo van Loenen
Computer Services Manager

Collaborative Parties

Internal Relationships

External Relationships

New Technology

Technology is ever changing, and with new technology brings an increased need for staff and students training. More importantly, technology introduces changes to the processes involved in research, teaching and learning support.

Due to globalisation, there is an increasing need for researchers to use collaboration tools and to form virtual groups. This will influence the need to:

  • share secure documents, information, and resources.
  • improve communication between group members and institutions.
  • encrypt communication.

Demand from the Y generation for mobilised teaching influences the need for remote delivery of lectures, guest talks, seminars, and discussions. Computer Services is investigating new technology to implement remote services.


  • podcasting or webcasting.
  • online teaching tools; Blackboard.
  • Evidence from overseas academia has seen Instant Messaging and WIKIs replacing E-mail communication. Furthermore, podcasts/webcasts and virtual teaching rooms are replacing not only the bricks and mortar of a physical teaching space, but also rigid teaching schedule allowing time for discussions.

Keywords: Computer Services, Computer Services Department, It Services,

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