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By: Chris Bell  06-Dec-2011

The resonance of Himalayan singing bowls sustains in your head all week, so the following weekend you return to the farmers’ market.

The square of carpet and the singing bowl man’s stand are there, along with his arrangement of bowls, his incense burner, his CDs, but not the man. You circle the market once, hoping he will return, but he is nowhere to be seen.

You leave several folded banknotes under one of the bowls and take a CD from the display. No one observes you leaving and the singing bowl man does not materialise.

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I. The Vanishing Point: “Here I am, somewhere in Time: Typo Blod, a man devoid of nationality. I find the notion of Time an elusive one. It and I make for uncomfortable bedfellows. But I think I could provide a history of myself, if necessary. At once, I am at London’s Liverpool Street Station bidding farewell to a lover (there is only ever one that counts…”

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MUSIC FOR YOUR enjoyment, suggested for listening to before, during and after reading the stories. Some of it inspired or suggested the words in the first place; some of it, with the right mood, may intensify your experience of them.

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The bullet point party’s electro-shock therapy hadn’t cured my ‘internet addiction’, which is what it claimed countless citizens were suffering from when its propaganda also said the net was killing print, the banks and big business, presaging bailouts and the more drastic measures we came to call the Almighty Crunch.


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George Mackay Brown’s poem ‘Potter and Jar’, originally published in ‘Winterfold’, reproduced here from ‘The Collected Poems of George Mackay Brown’ by kind permission of the publisher, John Murray. While you need an imagination to write fiction, in my experience at least, real life makes for better poetry. I’ve always wanted to write about the topography of dreams but never quite knew how to describe it.


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Salter’s abstract design prevailed over the author’s own wish to present images of amputee soldiers against a background of mutilation … Salter instead chose a symbolic approach showing battered Venetian blinds to symbolize a state of despair about cultural dissolution in postwar Germany..


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If you’re not familiar with the Strawbs and their music, you’ll be surprised to learn that not only have you missed the 30th anniversary of the band, they’ve released at least 31 albums and are still playing live and releasing albums today. Dave Pell, the founder of – curated content delivered to your Kindle – is an internet early adopter who’s stuck with it, in spite of having blown cash and time on more than 50 startups, including:,,,,,, and.