The ancient art of Chinese face reading for health diagnosis - E-Book

By: Chinese Energy Therapy  06-Dec-2011
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Your face tells the secret of your health and your happiness. Because all of your health conditions are related to your emotional balance.

Your face is a mirror of your health. Please check the


Your body has a map and your face is part of the map.

The Chinese ancestors discovered the human body has 14 meridians and 365 acupuncture points and the life energy flows between them and connects to 5 vital organs. The heart, the lungs, the spleen, the liver and the kidneys. Each of these vital organs have a window open in the face. Eyes are the window of liver, lips are the window of the spleen (stomach), the tounge is window of the heart, the nose is window of the lungs, and the ears are the window of the kidney.

When the body energy is in perfect flow, these features are in perfect condition. When illness begins, the energy will not flow smoothly, all features on the face, shapes, colors and functions will change.



Importance of health diagnosis

--How long  a  person's natural life span should be?

--How long do we live now?

--What reasons stop us living to the natural age?

--Death is not caused by old age but  by chronic disease

Comparison the diagnosis of Western medicine & TCM

--Western medicine health diagnosis

-- The Four Diagnostic Methods of  Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

--Advantage of Chinese face map reading

Master of face map reading

--Ancient face reading story

--Who is the best doctor?

--Chinerchi therapy & face reading

Is Face map reading a mystery or a science?

--Chinese Face Map Reading principles  Came From

--Body Energy Map

--5 organs or batteries govern your whole body function

--What we are looking for in your face to analyze your health?

Facial energy map

--5 inner Organs & 5 Windows at face

--Facial features, Organs, Emotions’ connections

--The map of universe energy flow

--The map of body energy flow

--The map of body emotion energy flow

--Five organs related Five emotion well balanced

--Five organs related Five negative emotion

--How negative emotions affect energy

--Give you the power to understand people around you

--The whole body inner organ’s connection

What we can find out from his face?

--Example A of face reading

--Example B of face reading

--Journey of the transformation

What is good health?

--3 common mistakes people make for their health

--Fitness = good health?

--Can I take medicine to manage my health?

--Why Oprah cannot lose weight?

--Am I healthy if I do not take any medication?

Reading start from Energy Balance

--Spleen  and stomach energy

--Check your stomach for eye lid and facial muscle

--Case study: Healing chronic health problems = Anti-aging

--Your tongue represents your heart and the whole body

--Check your stomach energy

Heart energy

--Your heart and small Intestinal in a network

--The sweat is the liquid of the heart

--Digestion problems affect your heart

   and it is likely you will have an Irregular heart beat

--Photo comparison of  a High blood pressure and sore back  patient

--Case: Depression and Low Energy

Lung energy

--Governs QI and respiration

--Lung’s network  with colon; The nose is the window to the lung

--Case Study Chinerchi treat blocked nose

--Case study Chinerchi therapy helps asthma and eczema

Colon health

--The bottom lip represents colon health

--Curve on the edge of the tongue; Swollen ankles

--4 levels of water retention

--Stool shapes

--Umbilicus diagnosis

 Liver function

--Check your liver from your eyes

--Check your liver your face color Rosaceous or liver condition

--Check your hands

--Check your nervous system

--Check you liver from your veins

--Check your liver with your joints

--Case study Mark G.: Rheumatoid Arthritis

--Case study Bruce’s story

--Check your liver with skin condition

--Case study Chinerchi therapy help skin allergy

--Case study type 1 Diabetic, reduce insulin intake

--5 tips to improve your liver and gallbladder energy

Kidneys and bladder energy function

--Check your ears, teeth and hair

--Low sexual energy and problems with fertility and conception

--Light sleep or sleepless; Visit toilet at night

--Case: Chinerchi therapy helps pregnancy

--Hearing lose indicate kidney energy deficiency.

--Kidney is the root of voice, Husky voice indicate kidney energy deficiency

--Case: Sleeping Problems & Weight Loss

--Dry mouth & Memory Loss

--What causes lower back pain?

--Case study Back Injury story

--Case study On Going Back More Than 15 Years Herniated Discs on Lower Back

--Case study Prostate Cancer

Final View

Fina View

Keywords: Face Map Reading

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