How to make dairy free Rice Yogurt - E-Book

By: Chinese Energy Therapy  06-Dec-2011

The first health substitute for dairy free diet

- No1 healthy substitute for dairy free diet

Natural living rice is one of the most popular and nutritional Chinese foods. It has another name: Fermented Glutinous Rice. It has a unique and delicious taste which has been enjoyed by Chinese people for thousands of years, and has always have been regarded as a healing food.

Natural living rice as a type of yoghurt made from rice. It is cooked rice that has been fermented but has not yet turned into rice wine.

In the fermentation process, active yeast and bacteria break down the complex starch in rice, and turn it into natural sugar. It contains a host of living bacteria. It has abundant digestive enzymes and natural sweetness, also has a delicious gentle wine like texture. It is an ideal food for improving blood circulation. It helps digestion and promotes youthful looking skin.

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Boil 1 small slice of ginger cut finely, 1 cup of water, boil together for 5 minutes, pour into a soup bowl mix well with the Natural Living Rice, add 1 teaspoon of raw brown sugar. Traditionally, Chinese people use natural living rice -Fermented Glutinous Rice, as a nourishing food for people who after surgery, get cold or have poor digestion.