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By: Chilltainers  05-Apr-2012

Users get large economic or environmental cost savings | innovative packaging enhances the competitive position | businesses using Chilltainers gain major benefits | products packed in Chilltainers get higher prices

User Segments Supermarkets - recycling improves environment and eliminates waste disposal costs
- increased strength improves handling and reduces risk of staff injury
- maintains product temperature 

Home food delivery - maintains food's chilled temperature during delivery
- serving more customers and expanding market areas
- enables more efficient delivery schedule
- reduces costs of refrigerated delivery

Fish processors - lower freight costs
- receive higher prices for fish and tuna when exported in Chilltainers
- eliminates waste disposal cost for end customers
- provides improved product protection and temperature
- allows producers to enter markets impossible with polystyrene
- more chilled product and less frozen product increasing profit

Meat processors - reduces freezer burn
- lower freight costs
- eliminates waste cost for end customers

                         - reduces refrigerated freight costs

Vegetable and fruit processors - allows later harvesting and increased product size

                                             - chilled temperature controls ripening rate

                                             - reduces refrigerated freight costs
- allows export of fruit that cannot be frozen
- chilled product gives longer shelf life

Flower processors - allows later harvesting and larger blooms

                            - improves product quality and shelf life  

Laboratories - reduces freight costs of serum and pharmceuticals. 

Products transported in Chilltainers Wetfish
H ome Delivery of Food
City Delivery of Food

Chilltainers are available in various sizes

Chilltainers are easy and quick to assemble manually