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My services | child psychologist consultation service child psychologists can provide one hour consultations to assist you in the areas of: Behavioural problems in young children and pre-schoolers, behavioural problems in children with disabilities, cognitive assessments of pre-school children, intervention with children with developmental delay, attachment disorders, sleeping issues, eating problems and more..

Michelle van Dyk is an experienced and fully qualified child psychologist who can provide one hour consultations to assist you and your child with:

Michelle's services include:

- Devising behaviour plans for families.
- Providing trauma counselling for children affected by the earthquakes.
- Carrying out observations of your child in the preschool or school setting.

- Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) sessions. These are
designed to improve attachment and bonding between parent and child by using
child directed play and parent directed play guided by the therapist.

- Liaison with teaching staff to provide advice and guidance on optimising learning for your child.

- Written report of observations and recommendations.

- Referrals to other professionals and services where required.

- Advice on parenting skills for typical children and children with special needs.

- Cognitive assessments to assess your child's developmental levels.

- Written report of assessment results including recommendations.

- Child behaviour checklists.

- Advice on the extra needs of children born prematurely.

One hour consultation: $120
Report: $150
Preschool observation: $100
Bayley Assessment: $250 (including the report)
The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Attachment Disorders, Behavioural Problems, Behavioural Problems in Children, Child Psychologist, Child Psychologists, Disabilities, Preschoolers, Psychologist, Psychologists,

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Low self-esteem; impaired social interactions with other children; missed school days and an increased likelihood of not finishing school; alcohol or other drug use; problems adjusting to work life; and anxiety disorders in adulthood. Childhood stressors such as pain, injury, illness, the death of a loved one or recognition of parental stress can all be severe stressors for children.



Unavoidable separation, maternal depression or illness, a mismatch between interaction styles and difficult, unsettled babies making parenting extra challenging can all impact and result in insecure attachment between mother and baby.



It is one of the five Pervasive Developmental Disorders that are characterised by abnormalities of social interaction and restricted interests and behaviour. Autism is a brain development disorder that impairs social communication and interaction and causes restricted and repetitive behaviour.



Behavioural advice on management techniques and interventions can be provided in one hour consultations and ongoing support and feedback. Behavioural problems in young children that are impacting significantly on family life may be caused by a variety of factors.