Cheal and Iron Man

By: Cheal  05-Apr-2012

Cheal has a long association with Iron Man New Zealand on a volunteer basis and our employees, their friends and family get involved every year for the event in Taupo.  It is not unheard of for the occasional employee to decide to participate as an athlete and in the past, Ian Gray (Engineer Geologist) and Tom Bland (ex Senior Planner) have both crossed the finish line.  However 2013 will see Thomas Brand and Erich Lunzer (both Cheal Engineers) participating after being drawn out of a hat at the post-2012 Iron Man Volunteers Dinner.  At this stage both of them still appear to be shell shocked although they have both taken their first hesitant steps on the journey to March 2013.  This will be a long year for both Thomas and Erich and we aim to keep you posted with their progress.

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Gareth Dunn

The Diploma is provided by Infratrain and endorsed by the NZIS and is aimed at candidates who are employed within the industry, gaining credits through practical experience and studying for unit standards. Gareth Dunn from the Cheal Taumarunui office was recently awarded a Scholarship by the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors for his studies toward the National Diploma in Surveying.


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Pre design environmental assessment of proposed development locations, design and implementation of sediment and erosion control plans, environmental assessment and reporting of contaminated locations, sampling of drill cuttings from abandoned well pads and design and supervision of remediation projects.