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By: Chase The Sun  06-Dec-2011

Building better websites

Three factors influence your website:

2) We use leading edge technologies. We know our stuff, so we won't be throwing jargon at you. We use the latest web technologies to deliver your story in the most effective and unique way. And it's all done seamlessly, smoothly and hassle free - because we respect you as a pro in your field.

3) Your message - the driver of our design. Our web design takes your story and expresses it in a beautiful, creative way that your target audience can resonate with.

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iPad and iPhone Applications for real business! : Chase the Sun

With the right set of tools it can completely transform how a business is run - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The release of the iPad brings with it an amazing amount of opportunity for business. Our team can develop custom made iOS application for your business needs. IPad and iPhone Applications for real business.


Start your web presence with style - Prostart web for ambitious beginners in web marketing! : Chase the Sun

With our add-on features you can expand on the basic functionality as you gain more knowledge about your customers and their needs. Do you want a site with a professional look and feel, without spending a fortune. PROstart web is an affordable, professional way to gain a web presence. Then the PROstart web option is for you.


imPROve web - get more out of your web site and boost your business : Chase the Sun

Chase the Sun offer an affordable, professional way to create a leading edge site with better usability for your customers. Your business will get exactly the functionality it needs, at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. Your site will be based on the latest, reliable open source technology and content management system. You only pay for real development and design. So you won't need to pay any licence fees.


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You can you use the whole spectrum of Web 2.0 - from clever use of social media to integrated business tools. Only the sky is the limit, and Chase the Sun can pilot you to success.


What we do : Chase the Sun

This gives your unprecedented access to these tools anywhere there is internet. Chase the Sun create digital tools for your business. Our solutions have creativity and ingenuity.