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The components of The Challenge of Change (CoC) Diagnostics & Measurement system include:

A multi-level assessment based on 15 key competencies, including delegation, motivation, goal setting, communication and adaptability.

This analysis uses 30 scaled questions to identify individual leadership style across three key dimensions: task orientation, process orientation and introversion- extraversion.

This is a comprehensive audit, based on 40 scaled job characteristics in the four key areas of management style, empowerment, workload and communication. The scores yield individual assessments in each area as well as overall team and organisational climate.

An adapted 360° feedback system which supports the development of employees by providing a broader perspective and raising self-awareness. The system also enables managers to take advantage of underutilised personal strengths, and to design more efficient coaching and training initiatives.

This is based on an analysis of change following CoC training interventions, providing invaluable evidence of change and improvement. The follow-up assessment is based on data from the re-administration of the baseline instruments, augmented by a range of performance indicators and data derived from complementary CoC assessment tools. The data are analysed using sophisticated statistical procedures to provide clear guidelines for additional work.

The assessment process involves an in-depth analysis of your organisation or work group, including semi-structured staff interviews. The results are presented in a detailed written report on your organisation’s climate, together with recommendations for further action as required. The tools used for assessment have been developed from Derek Roger’s research programme, and have all been extensively validated.

All components of the assessment are carried out in a non-confrontational manner. The aim of the assessment is to generate a realistic picture of organisational climate, something which cannot be achieved if participants feel at all threatened or judged. As an experienced clinical psychologist and expert in personality, Derek is highly regarded for his ability to disarm and to encourage participation and involvement.

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Stress Management, Resilience Training, Team Work, Psychology at Work, The Challenge of Change, New Zealand - services

Is our core service, but exclusively to the NZ market we now offer The two core training programmes can be combined into a particularly powerful training programme, which can be extended to include intensive for individual managers or team members. Augmented by individual talent management strategies, the integrated set of services are designed to bring about positive changes in individuals, teams and culture.


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With a proven track record in significantly improving team performance, the training programme can be used very effectively to help functioning teams achieve peak performance but is equally applicable with teams where there are particular issues hampering performance. The CoC Dream Team Training Programme enables and amplifies the talents and expertise of individual team members as well as binding the team together into a potent force.


Stress Management, Resilience Training, Team Work, Psychology at Work, The Challenge of Change, New Zealand - resilience

The Challenge of Change Resilience Training programme is a one-day programme, preferably split over two half-days to enable participants to gain experience in using The CoC Resilience tools and to further develop their skills in an informed way.


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The Challenge of Change Resilience and Dream Team Training Programmes can help identify those who would particularly benefit from CoC Talent Management; alternatively you may already be aware of a need for this focused approach to personal development. This can be applied to any level of staff, from key executives to team members.