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By: Central Mobile  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fuel, Injectors

We can upgrade any service to semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil.

Fuel Injection Servicing:

This is an excellent add on to any of our services. Injectors take the place of the old carburetor, they are made to spray a fine mist of fuel into your engine for the spark plugs to fire. The finer the mist the better the combustion the more efficient the engine runs. Dirty injectors don’t spray a fine mist therefore bigger fuel droplets in the combustion chamber and a less efficient tune. You should service your injectors approximately every 30,000kms.

We have specialised equipment to carry out "on car injection servicing".


Most vehicles have a cambelt. Cambelts usually have a 100,000km service life but some need replacing at 60,000kms (Holden Vectra/Astra) and some at 150,000kms (late model Toyota’s). You need to know before your cambelt snaps when it is due for replacement as most will cause major engine damage. We can carry out a cambelt change on site at your home or work at very reasonable prices.

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Keywords: Fuel, Injectors