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By: Celsius Consulting  06-Dec-2011
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Celsius Consulting are an independent consultancy, with no commitments to particular manufacturers or other industry parties.
Celsius consulting do not offer an installation, maintenance or repair service.
We do not have any product to offer you other than our experience, expertise, knowledge and advice.
As such we can tailor our selections to optimise engineering solutions to you and your client’s requirements.


Celsius Consulting are fully approved members of RACCA (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Companies Association) and IRHACE (Institute for Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers).
We have full Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as Public and Statutory Liability Insurance. Certificate copies can be supplied on request.
With fully relevant qualifications & experience specific to refrigeration and air conditioning, our practice is dedicated to designing reliable, easy to operate, and energy efficient packages.


We offer the following trade services to Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Industry Contractors:


We can look over your bid and prints for your job, and make sure all items have been addressed. We can also suggest more efficient methods of installation. This may allow you to lower your bid price while still making the same or more profit.


If you have the manpower and expertise to do an installation, but not the time to tender the project we can help.

You will receive a complete material list and labour breakdown.

All you need to do is have your local wholesaler add the cost of materials, add crane, specialist items and other rentals, multiply the estimated hours by your labour rate, add your profit and submit your tender.

If needed, we can also prepare your quote presentation documents.


If you have the manpower and expertise to do an installation, but not the time to manage the project we can help.

We can order parts as and when required, manage on-site labour resources, attend site meetings, manage OH&S requirements, oversee commissioning and see the project through to completion.

We can also provide the client with a comprehensive user guide/manual to the system that you have designed and installed.


Celsius Consulting offer a document service where we will compile deliverable documentation to assist you with contract completion and acceptance including AutoCAD as-built drawings, equipment manufacture’s literature, compliance certificates, warranty statements and user instruction manuals.

Let Celsius Consulting help with this time-consuming task.


Design drawings

All our design drawings are produced using AutoCAD.

These design drawings can be easily integrated into associated mechanical and electrical packages, providing a more efficient service, co-ordinating with all other project contractors.

As-built drawings

As-built drawings are all produced in AutoCAD.

If you can provide the rough sketch, we can produce a professional AutoCAD as-built drawing to accurately reflect the completed installation.


Celsius Consulting offer a range of services to the equipment owner and plant manager.
Our focus is on setting clearly defined expectations based on sound engineering decisions.
As a result, your chosen service provider is in no doubt of what is expected and when it is expected to be completed by.


Engineering Evaluations

We will evaluate your facility based on your particular needs and determine the type and amount of HVAC equipment required.

Engineering and Design Services

We can provide detailed drawings of equipment locations, supply and return air duct and register locations, select the brand of equipment, etc.

Quote Evaluation Services

When you send our drawings to prospective contractors, we can evaluate their quotes to determine which one offers you the best installation at the best price.

Contractor Recommendation

We can provide you with the names of qualified contractors in your area.


Refrigeration and air conditioning is a specialised field.

We have a tiered programme available to audit maintenance, service and breakdown accounts.

We determine if charges are fair and reasonable and check replacement part prices as well as consumable volumes such as refrigerant.

We can structure a regular plant maintenance programme to suit all your needs and budgets.

If required we can also manage that programme for you to ensure the maintenance is carried out to your requirements.

If you are considering a new refrigeration plant, or refurbishment of an existing one, contact us to discuss options.


We specialise in the design of industrial, commercial and residential heating solutions utilising heat pump technology.

We have extensive experience in air conditioning design, selection and installation.

Celsius Consulting can engineer a solution for your environmental heating and cooling.

If your energy costs are rising and you want a plant, with low operating costs, to supply a source of heat then contact us to supply advice, guidance and consultancy for your project.


Using off peak electricity to make ice then slowly thaw over the course of a day to provide cooling to air conditioning systems and process cooling.

Contact us with your requirements and we will tailor a design to best suit your specific requirements.


Recover waste heat from your process plant or refrigeration system and put it to use as a heat source. Talk to us about your requirements and allow us to engineer and design to meet your specific requirements.


Commercial, Industrial or Marine application.

Flake, cubed and crushed ice systems. Ice slurry cooling systems.

We have experience in all these applications and whether you want ice for a local sports club or to chill down 100 tonne of fish we can design and advise on the best system, supplier and Contractor to meet your needs.


Celsius Consulting provides friendly, expert consultation on all aspects of refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions.
Our aim is to provide our clients with high quality, compliant, design solutions.

Equipment Selection and General Support

We have almost 30 years experience in equipment sizing and selection.
We can provide you with a list of equipment (from one or multiple sources) including specification sheets, all line sizing, wire and circuit breaker requirements, refrigerant type and quantity, etc.
If you'd like, we can also do the engineering for your project whether it's refrigeration, heating, air conditioning or ventilation.
Depending on how involved you get on your projects, we can also help you recommend Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration contractors and electricians.
Celsius Consulting can provide you with complete material lists, estimated labour requirements, equipment selections and can back it up with 30 years experience in tendering and contracting solutions.


Celsius Consulting offer assistance in claims evaluation.

Claims for Loss

We can visit your client's site and make a detailed list of all the equipment involved in the loss.
Then we will determine which items can be repaired and the cost of those repairs.
For items beyond repair, we can provide replacement costs.

Claims for Warranty

If your company sells policies that warrant refrigeration and HVAC equipment against breakdowns, we will analyze the equipment to determine if the failure was due to normal wear, operator error, neglect or misuse, an act of God or contractor error.


In cases where you and your client cannot come to terms on a loss, we can provide detailed reports of our findings to use in case of arbitration.

Liability Cases

We can serve as expert witnesses in cases involving refrigeration and HVAC equipment.
We have extensive expertise in the operation, installation and maintenance of all types of HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

Keywords: Air Conditioning, Heating and Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Refrigeration