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By: Ccml  06-Dec-2011
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Our Services..
.. achieve results

Debt Collection

CCM undertakes every job with a personal, professional approach:
  • We have a very high collection rate, and often collect funds where others have failed to do so
  • Every debtor is issued a receipt whenever funds are collected
  • Unless directed otherwise we only collect money in cash or bank cheques
  • Your funds are banked into our trust account and immediately forwarded to your office with a reconciliation statement
Chattel Recovery
The protection of your recovered security is paramount:
  • Vehicles are always towed to safe storage
  • Our towing contractors are fully insured for vehicle transportation
  • Consumer goods are delivered to storage the same day or next business day
  • Large items are repossessed by two or more agents to ensure safe recovery
  • We have a proven track record for the recovery of concealed, large and unusual items. Give us a call and we'll meet the challenge!
Skip Tracing
CCM utilises electronic and personal contact tracing methods:
  • We can locate even the most evasive individuals
  • Our searching methods leave no stone unturned
Document Service
CCM can serve any kind of document:
  • Where possible document serves will be carried out within 24 hours
  • We have a proven track record for serving evasive individuals
Field Calls
Our agents can attend to field calls if and when required to:
  • Establish A/P arrangements, including lodgement with the debtors bank
  • Verify details (e.g. address, identity, contact details)
  • Verify possession/location of security
  • Identify intentions to repay debt
  • Identify/verify need for legal action
Shortfall Collections
We can assist with the recovery of shortfall balances after the goods have been sold by:
  • Identifying capacity/ intention to repay shortfall
  • Establishing A/P arrangement to repay shortfall, including lodgement with the debtor's bank
  • Identifying/verifying need for recovery via legal channels
Specialised Investigations
CCM is experienced in all aspects of financial investigation and debt recovery. We have a full understanding of every field involved with our services. We are confident that our expertise will help us to achieve your needs with any assignment.
Digital Photography
If required, we can obtain digital photo records of security:
  • To assess security for viability to repossess
  • To enable you to view condition of repossessed security
  • To confirm an individual's identity
We're Proud..
.. to serve New Zealand
CCM primarily serves the Auckland region from Wellsford to Meremere as this is the largest segment of our clients' markets. However we are presently ready to assist your needs in the following regions of New Zealand:
  • Northland
  • Auckland
  • Waikato
  • Coromandel
  • Bay of Plenty
  • Rotorua
  • Taranaki
  • Wanganui
  • Manawatu
  • Wellington
  • Wairarapa
  • Canterbury

Keywords: Security