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Keywords: Sewing, Cones

Alterfil-s The high-quality, corespun polyester thread for problem-free sewing even on the fussiest machines. Cones and boxes of cops available from 35's through to 150's; 460 colours in all weights.
Sapphire The cost-effective, corespun polyester thread for many applications. Wide colour range of 120's available on 2,500m cones; popular colours also available on 5,000m cones.
Zen Spun polyester thread at a great price; for needle, looper and overlocking. Available in 180 bobbin thread; 120 for general sewing; 20 and 35 for carpet overlocking (bottom looper edge-pulling).
Softnyl Translucent monofilament thread for carpet edging, upholstery and furnishings. Available in a range of thicknesses (denier), natural or smoke colour available in some thicknesses.
Duet Polyester-cotton corespun thread for where sewing with a cotton cover is desired; metric 75 available in white.
Ultimo 120/2 Fine continuous filament polyester thread for blindstitching, basting and quilting applications. Wide range of popular colours which correspond well to other thread colour ranges.
Jasper Texturised polyester bulked looper thread available in a great range of colours; super soft 160 denier suitable for overlocking and 300D available for badge edging applications.
Zircon (waxed) Waxed polyester braided thread available in 4 different thicknesses and a wide range of colours. Ideal for neckwear and jewellery making; can be plaited or weaved by hand or machine.
Zircon (semi-waxed) Polyester braided thread with a small degree of waxed coating, great for decorative stitching such as on shoes and leather goods. Available in 4 thicknesses and a variety of colours.
Ultimo Heavy Counts Continuous filament polyester threads ideal for decorative stitching such as on leather belts, suitcases and footwear. Popular colours available in several thicknesses.
Ultimo Bonded Bonded continuous filament polyester thread for tough applications requiring strength and UV resistance, such as sails and outdoor shade awnings. Available in a range of thicknesses and colours.
Bondex Bonded nylon (6.6) for heavy applications and outdoor use; black or white available in metric 10, 15 and 40 weights.
Gore Tenara
Polysoft High-quality, high-sheen polyester machine embroidery thread available in 420 colours which can be matched to popular colour numbers across product ranges.

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Keywords: Cones, Sewing