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By: Cashmere Bay  06-Dec-2011
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What do we do?

Cashmere Bay understands the intracacies of doing business in New Zealand and we also know how difficult it can be for developing companies and organisations to develop professional-looking documentation to meet statutory obligations, when they don't necessarily have the experience at it or the ability to create them. That is where we can help. We can provide templates to suit most organisational needs and most situations or statutory requirements. From, OSH to ACC, we can supply what you need, tailored to your organisation. Check out our Services page where you can see all of the options that we can do for you.

Cashmere Bay believes in the old adage that "no problem is a new problem." That means that someone, somewhere, at sometime, has already probably already faced the same problem, solved it and moved on. All we have to do is see what solutiions they used, adapt them for our own purposes and get on with it.

Search engine optimisation is a specialised area and despite the proliferation of "SEO experts" on the internet, few of them use honest means, or are any good at what they claim they can do. Cashmere Bay prefers to let our results do the talking for us. Google the term "unit plans" and look at how many search results there are. The site that we built ( ) and then "optimised" usually appears in the top 3 search results. At the time that this page was published, our site was 1st out of 109 million (109,000,000) hits. No "payed listings," no sneaky tricks, just a well built, well optimised site. There is nothing else to say. (Apart from perhaps...Call us?)

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is when someone (hopefully us) takes your perfectly good looking site and re-engineers everything about it, (apart from perhaps how it actually looks) from the title of each page, to the tags "behind" each image. We change the metatags of the page and sometimes even the font that y ou have used and then we get the site submitted to some very importnat search engines. That is the core of SEO. Believe me though; that is not all that has to be done. We do have to keep some secrets!

Have your site built and optimised at the same time by the same person? Makes pretty good sense to me. SEO involves tightening up the code, fixing HTML errors, CSS and XHTML scripts and fine-tuning the sites metatags and the absolute premium time to do that is during site design and construction.

Cashmere Bay are not very good at designing websites, so we don't bother doing it. In fact we only do what we are good at! We don't design them,.. we find them. There are well over 2000 free website templates available for download at any given moment on the internet, so why would we waste our time, or your money on "designing" another one. Chances are that if we (or anyone else) did, it'd look just like someone elses anyway.

Using premium, proven templates and tried and true CSS, XHTML and HTML scripts means that site construction is rapid and reliable. This entire site was built and loaded to the server in about 3 hours. (It would have been quicker, but I couldn't read the German CSS script, and the first few times that I made changes to it, everthing went haywire. I finally got it straightened out.) (Oh yes,..I never said that we were perfect.)

Are you thinking of building a website. Then STOP. Don't race out and buy a domain name just yet. Or at least wait until you have talked to us. Domain name selection is crucial to the success of your website. Domain name selection is absolutely critical to SEO.

You are either choosing a name with emotional links, that will struggle to achieve search engine dominance, or, you have carefully chosen a name that is designed to get your site found (and therefore greater coverage for your product or service).

Oh,.. did we forget to mention, that domain names are not expensive these days. In fact .com or domain names actually only cost about NZ$30.00 a year, yet some "reputable" firms charge clients over NZD$70.00 per annum. (Beats me why you would pay it? Sadly, some people do.)

Call us!

Are you sick of paying exhorbitant fees for hosting, including set-up fees, establishment fees and monthly charges, complete with traffic penalties? Well dont do it. We don't... so why should you.

We havent figured out a reasonable way to charge clients for this particular service yet, so it's a freebie, included with each of our other services. (and NO, we dont get a commission from any Hosting company. We just know from experience, what a good host is, and what a not so good host is.)

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Keywords: Search Engine, Search Engine Optimisation, Seo, Unit Plans