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By: Cardinus  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Training Courses, Due Diligence

Environmental issues affect us all. Our Environmental Essentials e-learning modules and bespoke training courses introduce your employees to current environmental issues at work and show them how they can play their part in helping your organisation achieve and maintain its environmental objectives.

Environmental Essentials is made up of a suite of e-learning modules that include a self-assessment and training record facility which is a valuable tool enabling you to easily evidence competence and employee training for compliance and other purposes.

In addition, where an organisation has specific environmental training needs, we are able to provide bespoke training courses.

Environmental Essentials covers the following e-learning modules:

  • Climate Change
  • Waste and pollution
  • Energy
  • Sustainability

The move towards a cleaner world with tightening environmental legislation is forcing companies to be more responsible for identifying, quantifying and managing their environmental risks and liabilities.

Non-compliance with existing environmental legislation can also see companies face unexpected material liabilities and legal costs that can be crippling to the business. Monitoring a company’s performance against in-house targets and industry standards of best practice can enhance the overall value and reputation of a business.

At Cardinus Environmental we provide a full range of rapid environmental due diligence and transaction support services for companies involved in merger and acquisition deals, property transfers, and day-to-day operations.

Clients benefit from our commercially focused solutions that are reported in an easy to understand manner.

Environmental compliance and reputational risk is attracting more attention in corporate board rooms around the world as organisations realise the value that can be gained by running an environmentally responsible business.

Cardinus Environmental works closely with clients to improve their environmental performance. We do this by helping them to determine a strategy and realise the direction needed to gain market advantage without cost to the environment.

This can be achieved through company wide environmental training programs, or implementing Environmental Management Systems and carrying out strategic environmental assessments.

Environmental risk management is a structured way in which businesses can improve the way they operate in order to minimise or eliminate effects they might have on the environment and the well-being of their employees.

Cardinus Environmental assists clients in identifying where their operations are having an impact on natural resources and personnel, and provides practical steps necessary to eliminate the risk of environmental damage.

For example, an effective system for managing and maintaining above or below ground oil storage tanks can prevent the risk of expensive pollution incidents before they happen.

If you have existing pollution issues then we can provide rapid clean-up solutions to address the problem and prevent them from occurring again.

In the event that an environmental incident does occur Cardinus Environmental are able to offer advice on damage mitigation and remediation methods. We are also able to manage the incident on your behalf and liaise with the regulatory authorities such as the Environment Agency, or Local Authorities and other parties, such as insurance loss adjusters, solicitors and third parties.

Keywords: Due Diligence, Risk Management, Training Courses

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