By: Carbonize  06-Dec-2011
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At CARBONIZE, we cater to every facet of carbon-fiber artistry, engineering and maintenance.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

In today’s age of production line items flooding the market and offering little variety, we offer a full custom fabrication service that starts with the your specific vision. We then work with you to flesh out the design and complete the moulding process. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of hand-crafted carbon-fiber art which is as unique as you and meets your needs and budget in every facet.  We can also take your existing body kit and modify it to your taste.  Whether mild or wild, when customising your car or bike, why settle for anything less than totally unique when CARBONIZE will turn your own vision or idea into reality and make your product of choice truly stand out.

-OEM EQUIPMENT AND PANEL MOULDING / REPRODUCTION (automotive, marine and industrial applications):
Looking for the lightweight rigidity offered by carbon-fiber, but want to keep the lines of your vehicle or other items as clean as the factory intended it?  Not a problem; CARBONIZE can take your existing OEM factory piece and create an exact replica that will fit like the factory intended it but shave off the curb weight,  increase structural rigidity, and improve the asthetics.  All panels can be supplied painted or in their natural form depending on your personal taste and needs.

A lot of the time we see people wanting the look of carbon-fiber accents on their vehicle, but do not need or want to replace a perfectly good factory panel simply for the look.  Here is where overlaying comes in; we take the parts and lay down carbon-fiber layers on it, as is, no modification or moulding needed.  After the finishing process and clear coating, the look is transformed and the strength of the panel greatly increased (where applicable).  As with all our products, we offer several different weaves to suit individual taste. We can work custom sign writing or logos into the clear coat giving your carbon-fibre overlay that show-winning finish.

Over time, as with automotive paint, the clear coat on carbon-fiber panels can fade, cloud, or dull from exposure to UV rays, weather, and general everyday driving.  This is an issue especially problematic with cheap CF products who employ lower grade clear coats and less of them.  Stone chips, scratches, and daily wear also take their toll, eventually turning your once beautiful carbon centrepiece into an eyesore.  Do not immediately assume that a replacement will be needed; at CARBONIZE we offer a full carbon-fiber repair and refinishing service.

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