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By: Carbon Farm  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Carbon Sequestration

The Permanent Forest Sink Initiative is a scheme designed for long-term carbon storage in permanent forests. Unlike the Emissions Trading Scheme, there is no allowance for large-scale harvesting of the forest and forest registration includes a 99-year contract for carbon sequestration. Both indigenous and exotic post-1989 forests are eligible to earn credits.

Because timber production is only a minor contributor to forest value over the long term, Permanent Forest Sink forests often include slower growing, but long-lived, tree species or a mixture of species. This scheme is well-suited to naturally regenerating indigneous forests, in which carbon sequestration goes hand-in-hand with increased biodiversity, erosion control and water quality improvements.

To be eligible for credits, the land must be retired from farming and have, or be likely to have, at least 30% cover of forest species that will reach a height of five metres at maturity. For example, if a gorse- or tussock-covered hillside were left to grow, we can expect that in time (over decades) we will see species like manuka and beech come through, thus allowing us to claim carbon credits from it as soon as adequate stocking levels of forest trees are reached.

We actively evaluate your property and measure the carbon sequestration (storage) rate of your carbon forest. Once a measured carbon sequestration rate is established by scientific work, a revised claim can be filed that covers previous years for which the number of carbon credits have been under-estimated.

Keywords: Carbon Sequestration