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By: Car King  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Tyres, Wheel Alignment, Brakes

Warrant Of Fitness

General Servicing
Regular car servicing can extend the life of a vehicle and avoid costly repairs.

Panel & Paint
Computer Controlled Spray Booth, Bake Oven & Colour Matching
Chassis work / W.O.F Rust Repair / Repair Certification

Mechanical Repairs
Replacement at recommended times are essential to reduce risk of serious engine damage

From pads to shoes, from cylinders to ABS we know how to fix your brakes

On the suspension system there are many moving parts, which need to be regularly checked to ensure the safety of your car

New or used wide price range to suit your budget.

The steering system on every car is very important and requires regular maintenance to keep it at an optimum standard

Wheel Alignment & Balance
Within specification's wheel alignment and good balanced tyres can optimise car handling for safety and comfort, also prevent unnecessary wear & tear of suspensions, bearings, joints, tyres and brakes.

Air Conditioning
Service & repair, air Condition forane top up or replace

Loan car availiable*

Keywords: Air Condition, Brakes, Suspension, Tyres, Wheel Alignment