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By: Cappuccinopc  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Space Saving has developed a series of Mini PCs that are environmentally friendlier than most traditional desktop computers. The effects are from the following views:

  1. Most of the Mini PCs use notebook standard components that are lower in power consumption and in temperature. Our test results show that a fully functional Mini PC consumes less than 1/3 of power than a traditional desktop PC that performs the same functions. Figures show that on an example of 100 units being turned on 7/24/365, by replacing traditional desktop computers with our Mini PCs, the user will gain a per-annum saving of electricity expense of about US$12,000 (calculated at Suffolk county rate).  More importantly, the reduction of the energy production helps in reducing the emission of carbon dioxide CO2 that has been the major problem of our environment. The same example reveals an annual reduction of close to 20,000 pounds of CO2 which is equivalent to the emission of 1.67 “average” passenger cars and a sequestration of 2.63 forested acres.
  1. The reduced size of our Mini PCs consumes much less materials to manufacture and hence reduce the efforts and social cost of handling the waste after the unit comes to the end of its life. In average, our Mini PC is just about 1/10 of the size to a traditional desktop PC which means a 90% saving on the landfill area.
  1. Most of our Mini PCs are RoHS compliant which mean that there will be less harmful materials being composed into the landfill where the units will be decomposed into.

In conclusion, Mini PCs make sense environmentally. I urge PC users to reconsider your decision before picking a unit for your computing needs. Notebook computer is a very good choice for mobility, power saving and space saving. It is also more environmentally friendly. However, in situation while consumers do not want to use a notebook computer (he/she may not want the setting or extra spending for the battery and etc….), choosing a Mini PC may make sense to you in terms of cost effectiveness(the saving in utility spending), space saving (it is only about ¼ of the size of a notebook computer), mobility (it is just about 1 pounds in weight) and environmentally friendly (as illustrated above, it helps a lot in improving the situation of our environment).

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Keywords: Space Saving

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