By: Glencoe Park Equine Centre  06-Dec-2011

Breaking in.

Horses, Ponies, Racehorse or Sport Horse. Kaimanawa or Holsteiners, Thoroughbred or Standardbred. Whatever your horse/pony colt or mare. We can also break in your pony in cart.

Early Handling.

To be led, tied up, washed, covered, be nice to a farrier, vet and other health professionals. We will also teach your horse to be lunged on both reins. When you take your horse home it should be pleasant to handle.


Riding lessons. Sally can give you riding lessons at your place or in our safe arena. Either your horse or we may have a suitable horse that you can use for the lesson.


Theunis is always keen to pass on anything and everything that he knows about horses. Lessons in long reigning, picking up feet and general handling, Maybe you are a parent of a child that would like to own a horse but not know how to start or would like to learn more about horses in order to help your child.


Basic schooling, leg aids, small jumps, going forward on the bit.

Horse management at your place

If you need an experienced person to look after your horses when you are away or you are just too busy, Glencoe Park can help with that.


Grazing (long term or short term) we can even exercise your horse.


We have a set fee for most service like breaking in so please contact Sally or Theunis for any of the above services.

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