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By: Staysound Nz  06-Dec-2011

Clay Poultice for horses. Made with pure spring water, Uptite is a fast acting poultice that aids in the relief of heat inflammation and soreness. Tightens around knees, ankles and tendons and speeds recovery from cuts

Description: Helps keep horses sound and in training. Aids in speedy recovery from minor skin conditions. Calms mild leg ailments whilst aiding in the relief of any inflammation and soreness.To gain most advantage from using UPTITE, apply daily to affected areas and after exercise as a preventative. Non Irritating - Fast

What does it do?

  • Aids in the relief of heat, inflammation and soreness in horses
  • Aids in the relief of minor quarter cracks, suspensory heat, inflammation and shin soreness
  • Aids in the treatment of small cuts and abrasions
  • Used every day on fetlock joints, Uptite helps relieve the swelling caused by windgall

Why do I need it?

  • Helps keep horses sound and in training
  • Aids in speedy recovery from small cuts and abrasions
  • Calms leg ailments, aids in the relief of inflammation and soreness
  • Used by trainers as a preventative after exercise

Can I compete using it? Will it be detected by a drug test?

  • This product does not contravene the rules of racing in New Zealand

Why is it better than other products?

  • Fast, cooling action
  • Thoroughly tested and proven to be safe

How much do I give?

  • To gain most advantage from Uptite use daily by applying to affected areas

How long do I give it?

  • While in training and pre-competition

Available pack sizes

  • 500gram
  • 2.5 kg
  • 10kg pail
  • 20kg pail

Ingredients: Aluminium Silicate, Montmorillonites, Biborate of Soda

Active Constituents: Montmorillonites, Aluminum silicate, Sodium Borate

Registered & Distributed: StaySound (NZ) LTD

Registration Number: Registered pursuant to the ACVM ACT 1997 A6022.
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Exclusive to StaySound (NZ) LTD: Yes

“StaySound - For the very best equine solutions”

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A scientific blend of aluminium silicate, montmorillonites, bicarbonate soda & essential oils, providing fast cooling action. This supplement helps to keep uncontrollable horses manageable. Good as Gold: L-Tryptophan & Vitamin B1.



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Soluble Iron Salts introduced into the diet, in a palatable form, can prevent this occurring, thus allowing the horse to race to its maximum ability. Increases Red Blood Cell Count while maintaining mature Red Blood Cells which are able to carry larger volumes of oxygen to the muscles. Iron Demands on a racehorses’ physiologic and metabolic system is increased during training.



Contains L-tryptophan, vitamin B1 and E, which are natural dietary supplements that assist in calming horses. Aids in reducing injury to horse and/or rider by helping to relax nervous or highly strung horses. Contains the nutrients required in the diet to help calm nervous, highly strung horses. High dose L-tryptophan, allows usually unmanageable horses to be reasoned with.