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By: Maurice Matthews  06-Dec-2011
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We provide a wide range of cost-effective accounting and financial services of the highest quality in accordance with professional standards
Friday 2nd, December


A comparison between other businesses in the same industry with regards to ratios, percentages, profits, wages, sales, markets, employee numbers etc or a performance comparison between years for the same business. Why: 
Provides an extensive analysis to show you where you are either in terms of your industry or improvement within your company. A handy tool when next you hire someone. Review your charge out rates or look at what improvements you need to implement to improve your profit.  Accounting Services What: 
Tax returns, end of year annual accounts, periodic accounts and reporting, wages, all IRD matters and Accident Compensation issues. Why: 
To comply with all legal requirements in respect of taxation commitments. Analysis of accounts for financial performance and financial position. Review by our taxation division.  Business Start-up & Business Purchase Evaluations

Evaluation of best business structure. Set up company, registration, analysis of cash flow, advice on purchases and sales. Liaison with lawyers. Financial and analytical review of business financial statements.Why: 
Starting up a business or purchasing a new business no matter what your experience requires careful analysis to ensure you’re getting a good deal. We’ll keep your best interests at heart and ensure you get value for money. You wouldn’t buy a car without a mechanical check!  Cashflow Forecasting

Projecting future cash requirements. Analysis of your current cashflow and recommendations for liquidity improvements. Why: 
Cash management is essential in any business. We can analyse your current accounts and look into ways to improve your future cash flow.  Financial Planning

Investment Portfolio Implementation and review, preparation of financial plans including investment, insurance, estate and tax planning advice; investment strategy and portfolio implementation, review and reporting including cash management, fixed interest, NZ and global equities, property, hedge funds and alternative/specialty investments from an accounting view for your business to full financial portfolio for individual investors. Why: 
To make best use of your money and financial resources and maximise returns having regard to your risk/return category. Financial Reporting

Annual and periodic accounting and reporting on financial statements. Why: 
To comply with legal requirements and improve business profits and structures, while minimising taxation. Office Services What: 
Typing, banking, debtors, creditors, wages and administrative extras. Why: 
We have staff on hand to produce your timely reports at a moments notice to produce anything professionally as and when required.  Payroll Services What: 
Wages, PAYE, MYOB Training Why: 
Wages and PAYE can be a confusing and time consuming task. Our staff has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge regarding legal requirements. We’ll take the ‘ages’ out of wages for you. 
Investment planning and advice. Why: 
Everybody needs to think about how to accumulate, grow and secure their wealth whether for their retirement or for the future of their children. We have a full time administrator to ensure your wealth is protected, monitored and most importantly growing! A financial plan is our first step to ensure your needs are met. Company Formation What: 
Setting up the company, registering with IRD, provision of minute book, regulatory requirements and maintenance of all required registers and company records. Why: 
There are all sorts of requirements when it comes to setting up a company and most of the form filling out, shareholder requirements, contracts and agreements can be confusing or unnecessary. Let people who have the experience in these matters do it ‘right’ from the start.  Business Restructuring What: 
Changing from sole trader to a company, trust formation and succession planning. Why: 
You may be able to save money in your business or in taxation by becoming incorporated. You may not realise the in’s and out’s of being a sole trader and your obligations. We can help ensure you are doing things the right way and if not we’ll help you change.  FBT Returns What: 
Fringe Benefit Tax on vehicles, low interest loans etc. Why: 
Tax for this, tax for that. Vehicle taxes, loan taxes. Ensure all your tax requirements are kosher to ensure no nasty surprises later on.  GST What: 
Goods and Services tax for businesses who turn over $40,000. Why: 
If you make less than that you don’t have to register for GST but there can be advantages. We can prepare your GST returns regularly and this will assist in year end financial statements processing. Income Tax Returns What: 
For companies, trusts, estates, partnerships and individuals. Personal tax summary’s for salary and wage earners. Ask for our "87 Ways to Save Tax" report.Why: 
You may not need to complete a tax return. You may not be claiming everything you should be, you may have paid too much in the past! We’ll sort it out for you.  RWT What: 
Resident Withholding Tax on interest paid on loans. Why: 
It’s a legal requirement and we can tell you if you have to pay it, how much it is and what you need to pay it on.  Tax Consulting What: 
GST, Income Tax, FBT, Overseas Tax. Why: 
Why indeed. Why pay more than you have to!!  We may be able to save you money.  Tax Planning What: 
Analysis of your current situation. Future taxes on your estate. Why: 
To see if there is an alternate solution to save on tax. 
 Company Secretary What: 
Legal requirement for all associations, companies and non profit making enterprises. Why: 
In charge of AGM, minute taking and regulatory requirements.
Maurice Matthews has many years experience in this type of role and will be able to ensure you meet all regulatory requirements. He has excellent P.A. secretarial assistance. Estate Planning What: 
Setting up estate plans and trusteeships. Why: 
Plan for you and your children’s future now to ensure no unnecessary stress when it’s your time.  Farm Accounting What: 
Accounting for farms and lifestyle blocks. Why: 
Ensuring correct IRD filing, recording of sales and purchases and end of year accounts, statistical analysis, reports and farm succession planning.  Rental Property

Rental property as an investment requires consideration. Why: 
Making sure you claim for everything you should claim.  Retirement PlanningWhat: 
Financial planning, investment strategies, portfolio management etc. Why: 
Wealth accumulation, protection and interest growth.  Selling a business Why: 
Make sure you get the best price. Grooming the business. Succession Planning What: 
Ensuring there are steps in place for a smooth transition to either your children or a third party. Why: 
Anything can happen and in a blink of an eye you’re incapable of dealing with your affairs yourself or perhaps you want to let go of the reins. Ensure there are steps in place to help your loved ones through this trying and difficult time.  Trusts What: 
Setting up Trusts, gifting, minutes, allocating income, trusteeship. Why: 
Trusts can be an effective way to protect your income and your assets.

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Keywords: Accounting, Accounting Services, Financial Services