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By: Hoffman  06-Dec-2011

Your needs are changing, which is why we have services that make it easy for you to get what you want.

When our broad offering of Standard enclosures does not meet your application we will work with you to modify a standard enclosure to fit the bill. Our Modification Services program makes it easy to add the most common types of modifications quickly and cost-effectively to your enclosure. If your application requires Custom modifications, we can do that too. For some customer applications our engineers work with customers' engineers to Co-Develop a unique enclosure solution that minimizes cost and maximizes manufacturability.

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From the clean-room to the factory floor, Hoffman enclosures protect sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, oil, water, corrosion and other contaminants. We’ve created standard, modified, and custom-built enclosures for thousands of customers across a diverse range of industries. Building the right enclosures for a wide variety of applications is what we do best.


Hoffman: Services : Standard Products

Assembled Enclosures PROLINE® enclosures are available preconfigured for computer system applications, operator interface applications,and double-door disconnect applications.These options allow you to select a complete system that includes the frame, sides, top, base, doors, and internal mounting accessories by simply ordering one catalog number.


Hoffman: Services : Modified Products

Find a standard enclosure similiar to your intended design by using the search function, browsing the online product catalog, or reviewing a print catalog. With Hoffman Modification Services, many of our standard enclosures can be modified to suit your specific requirements. We use the most advanced technology to produce consistent, high quality results. Our modified enclosures are UL/cUL and CSA certified solutions.