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By: Yoyo Cms  06-Dec-2011
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Web Design Services - Yoyo CMS

Website Development

Website Design

If you require a re-design of your site then I can assist. I focus on clean, fresh designs with usability and search engine results in mind.

My philosophy on design is that websites are similar to newspapers. The majority of newspapers conform to consistent layout principles so that the reader will instinictively know where to find what. These same principles are eevn more important when developing a website design. If a user has to think about where to find something on your site then your site design is flawed. 

Content Management

Search Engine Optimisation

I can assist in identfiying where improvements can be made with search engine results in mind. I believe that true "organic" results are best for a website and so follow a number of fundamental guidelines that have proven to be successful. 

All customers want their website to be number one in seach results, however it is important to have realistic expectations. The vast majority of website owners do not pay Search Engines to list their site.

Again I draw comparisons to newspapers:

  1. You would never get your advert listed in a newspaper for free. Search engines do provide results without paying
  2. If you do pay the newspaper to list your advert, it certainly won't be on page one unless you have a large budget. This is more aligned to how search engines operate. Those who pay achieve the most visibility. However a lot of people treat the "paid" search engine results with caution, thereby negating to some extent the benefits of increased visibility.

So with the above in mind I focus on sound website principles that have continually proven to get results.

Keywords: Content Management, Search Engine, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design