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By: Silver Linings Equestrian  05-Apr-2012

SLE recognises that because every horse is different, it is important that owners can tailor the type of care services required to their own individual circumstances.
For owners who want to spend more time riding and therefore require an equine home for their horse which provides them with some assistance with daily routines to ease the workload, for only $42.00 per week (plus GST) the Routine Care package is the perfect level of service needed:

  • Grazing including paddock care/”mucking out”
  • Cover changing and feeding
  • Checking over (at least twice daily)
  • Use of all on-site facilities (except stabling)
  • Daily update report to owner

However for owners who are unavailable for a defined or indefinite period of time (eg, away on holiday), total peace of mind is achieved for only $65.00 per week (plus GST) through the Complete Care package which includes all services per Routine Care plus:

  • Regular grooming & handling
  • Maintaining health routines (worming programme, farrier visits, veterinary visits, equine health specialists, etc)

Using either the Routine Care or Complete Care packages as the starting point, owners have the option of choosing from a menu of additional services to suit their horse's and their own needs, if they wish:

  • Pick-up and drop off
  • Exercising, fitness work and schooling
  • Stabling
  • Stable preparation ("mucking out")
  • Wound or injury care
  • Stable bedding sourcing & supply
  • Feed/hay sourcing & supply
  • Muscle Therapy treatments
  • Rider confidence building assistance (mounted &/or unmounted)

SLE assists owners with making the right first impression when presenting their horse to market through the creation of a professional video for both internet viewing and DVD.
Videos can incorporate owners’ supplied footage and photos if available, as well as new footage created specifically for the sale. 

Additionally SLE can handle the entire sale process on behalf of the owners including video creation, advertising and demonstrations to potential buyers and subsequent negotiations etc, ensuring a good home is found for their horse whilst always achieving an appropriately agreed price.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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