By: Wdanz  06-Dec-2011

This concept that, “The facts were wrong but the story is true” reminds me of the story of evolution:

Evolution is a fact because of [insert 'BS story of the day' here]. OK so maybe the BS story of the day wasn’t right but Evolution is still a fact because of [insert new story here].

I’ll say it again just so that there is no misunderstanding about where I stand on these matters. The “War on Terror”, Al Queda’s global bogeyman status, Bin Laden’s death, the Waco nonsense, the 9-11 fiasco, Pearl Harbour, Peak Oil and most major events are deceptions and false-flag events designed and marketed by the global elite, the banking cartel a.k.a. the Illuminati to establish the New World Order, global government.

The bible makes it perfectly clear that devil will have his way only as and when the Lord and allows it. The future as we see it unfolding daily is very clearly enumerated in Scripture. For Christians we can sit back and either chuckle (or cry) at how the world is deceived and manipulated by fear, and then get on with real life and living.

The easiest way to do this? Just turn off the goggle-box and connect with the Lord. I’ve found that once I’ve humbled myself to do this, it’s a much easier path.

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Samoa is pretty much outdoor living anyway, with permanent camping the general feel of the place as we’ve got open walled Fales and a pretty constant 30 degrees year-round make for a camping-type experience once you are out of the resorts and city. A gentle breeze coming up the hill and the trees killing any dew, it makes for a lovely spot, actually. Pipes left so it will happen in the next financial year” we are told by Samoa Water Authority.