By: I.agri  06-Dec-2011

You can reduce your accounting fees considerably if you produce an accurate set of 'end of year' accounts using a cashbook like this. 

The cashbook won't produce a 'Tax based' balance sheet but there is a further module included in Landmark called the Asset/Liability Register'. This tool allows you to list all of your assets (with market values on them), show all of your liabilities and produce trend reports.

 Record your cash transactions

 Reconcile to your bank statement

 Use your data to create management reports for you

 Use your data to create cashflow and comparison reports for your banker

 Use your data to create 'end of year' reports for your accountant

 Use your data to do your GST

Entries into the CASHBOOK can be made by either copying directly from your bank statement or your chequebook, or you can import directly from a downloaded statement from your internet banking website, saving you time and keystrokes!

The downloaded entries will remain in bold text until you finish the transaction by going into the edit screen and allocating the transaction its appropriate heading and tax type etc.

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With Cashbook Reports covering areas such as GST, Trial Balance, Cashbook Totals et cetera, you can help to reduce your accounting fees, while keeping your accountant happy at the same time. With a comprehensive list of reports available from within just about every module, you can produce neat reports using the data you have already put into LandMark.


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