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By: Monarch Natural Health  06-Dec-2011
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Production and Product Quality

Products that use superior raw materials and avoid damaging manufacturing techniques represent superior value. Metagenics insistence on quality is renowned and we continually hear the accolade: “Metagenics products work!”

  • Sponsoring innovative nutritional and Natural Medicines research.
  • Maintaining a full-time team of 30 personnel directly involved in technical writing, product research and product development.
  • Joint development and information sharing with Metagenics U.S.A.
  • Constant assessment of manufacturing techniques and investment in up-to-date technology, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards.
  • Insistence on only the purest, most effective ingredients. The results of such stringent standards are evident in the superior quality of our products.

By conducting innovative nutritional research, applying the best manufacturing technology, and providing high quality products and educational support, Metagenics is helping New Zealanders aspire to, and achieve, optimal health.

Evidence based natural medicines – It is the goal of the Heel company to validate the therapeutic efficiency of the products they manufacture. Very few natural medicines have actual clinical testing on actual products. More interesting is the fact that Heel will test the therapeutic efficiency of their most important products not only against placebo but also against known pharmaceutical drugs in similar categories of disease, such is the confidence in this range of products. Heel through extensive research and testing has earned the right to make the claim “evidence based natural medicine”.

For more than 60 years, Heel has offered non interactive, effective and comprehensive therapy with homoeopathy. Drug quality and safety have absolute priority at Heel. In addition to research and development laboratories, Heel operates high tech analytical and microbiological labs for testing of source materials, in-process control of individual production phases, and final control of the finished product.

Recently one Heel product Traumeel S was voted number one injury product in Germany by pharmacists above all products including orthodox medical treatments.

MediHerb – herbal liquid extracts, tablets and capsules

MH EnHance – Nutritional Supplements

Co-founded in 1986 by Associate Professor Kerry Bone, MediHerb is the first choice for health care professionals in herbal products in Australia, New Zealand and USA. In October 2004 MediHerb introduced a new synergistic nutritional product range called MH Enhance designed to complement MediHerb’s herbal range.

Phytomed Herbs

These are liquid herbs (tinctures) that are predominately prescribed and dispensed at Monarch Natural Health. We choose these herbs because Phytomed’s mission statement is “to manufacture top quality efficacious phytomedicine for practitioners, which are as close as possible to the phytochemical make-up of the plants in their natural state, sourcing the raw material for these wherever possible from New Zealand organic growers“. This impressed us and we have seen great results since using these herbs.


For over 80 years weleda has manufactured medicines based on the principle that medicine should support our own ability to heal ourselves – by stimulating our inherent healing capacity. These products are free from synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives, emulsifying agents and parabens. Weleda products are suitable for all ages from babies to adults unless otherwise stated on the product label.

Thompson’s Lifespan

With over two hundred products available Thompson’s range has been developed to include Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Formulations, Essential Fatty Acids, Digestives and Multivitamins.


 Ethical Nutrients

Ethical Nutrients are recommended because of their superior quality and effectiveness. They are high quality specialised nutritional supplements made from high quality raw materials using superior manufacturing techniques whilst avoiding commonly used fillers. Each supplement comes with a clear guide on use to obtain optimal effectiveness.  Ethical Nutrients are of Practitioner quality and can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

Keywords: Health Care, Nutritional Supplements

Other products and services from Monarch Natural Health


Products | Monarch Natural Health

This revolution in the science of youth is made possible because of the intersection of bio-engineering technology and years of product formulation expertise. Adult stem cell technology is dramatically expanding the horizons of skin care development. They are quality products with clinical research to prove their efficancy and use. We pride ourselves on selecting good quality products to offer our clients.


Stem Cell Technology for Anti-aging & Wellness

LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum contains an exclusive patent pending formula that is derived from adult stem cells and contains 200+ key human growth factors that transforms skin by gently replenishing natural levels of proteins like collagen and elastin.


Our Fees | Monarch Natural Health

Individually designed treatment plans providing information and support about the condition/s and how to manage them effectively. Integrative Medicine – this is working alongside your existing health care provider/s. Treatment and monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Live Blood Screening – seeing really is believing. Consultation Fees – Herbs & Nutrition.