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By: Rural Fields  06-Dec-2011
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Rural Fields offer a range of agricultural contracting services with specialist expertise in the maintenance of ruts and tracks caused by centre-pivot irrigators.

Rural Fields was amongst the first to install John Deere Green Star 2 GPS technology in their tractors providing speed, versatility and highly accurate billing for clients.

Contact David to talk about how he can best help you. He will be happy to combine any of the above services to provide a cost effective solution to give you the best results – within budget.

If your farm has potentially hazardous and costly irrigator pivot ruts and tracks that need filling – deal with an expert.

David Buckley of Rural Fields is that expert. He was so passionate about finding a safer and smarter way of operating his agricultural contracting business that he designed a purpose-built, front-tipping trailer to better fit the task! ()Get Rural Fields to fill your pivot tracks.
You’ll benefit from:
• less maintenance required on irrigator motors and machinery
• less risk of irrigators tipping over in their tracks
• reduced power usage as irrigators operate more efficiently
• reduced risk of farm accidents and injury to stock
• less down time when you most need to irrigateThe rural fields pivot track maintenance service:
• available nationwide using Rural Fields unique front-tipping trailers
which ensure safety and efficiency
• two trailers which average 700 tonnes of gravel per day
• trailers are available for purchase

Lemkin Six Furrow Plough

  • Latest ploughing technology
  • Improved furrow turnover

Four Metre Vertical Plough

  • Removes plough pans
  • Reduces ground compaction which encourages better plant health through plants establishing deeper root systems
  • Reduced water ponding

Tulips Multi Discs

  • Works down  paddocks after primary cultivation
  • Good for levelling and breaking up turf for seed preparation

Vadarstad Rollex 620 6m Conventional Roller with Level Boards

  • Better overall finish
  • Increases seed germination if used after the paddock has been drilled
  • Levels paddocks
  • Excellent tool for seeding preparation

10 Tonnes Heavy Roller

Taege Air Seeder Direct Drill

  • David helped design and build with Taege Engineering
  • High output – 6-8ha per hour
  • Minimum ground compaction
  • High capacity hopper Can be used for grass, cereals and small seeds

We offer a prompt, reliable service when and where you want it!

Mower Conditioner

  • Fella Tripple Roller Conditioner Mower with groupers
  • Gentle on all crops but still allows for superior drying (Reduces leafs or heads knock-off on Lucerne or other cereals over other mowing methods)
  • Faster drying times means crops can be harvested earlier
  • Crops can be laid out in individual rows or swathed into one 8.5 meter row
  • Crops can be harvested straight from individual or swathed rows meaning no raking required

Lely Triples bar mower

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