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By: Cropmark Seeds  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Perennial Ryegrass, Grass Staggers

A high energy diploid Enhanced ® perennial inter-species cross containing perennial ryegrass and meadow fescue parentage; recommended for high livestock performance systems.

Revolution is a fine leafed, very densely tillered and late heading variety (+19 days), showing excellent dry matter yields, very strong winter activity, excellent forage quality and with very good palatability.

Revolution is high in metabolisable energy content and soluble sugars; potentially enabling higher livestock performance.

Contains AR1® novel endophyte, so it will not cause grass staggers or heat stress.

:: Product Features ::

Revolution Enhanced ® Ryegrass has the following benefits:

  • An Enhanced ® perennial ryegrass
  • Very high yielding across all seasons
  • Extremely strong autumn, winter, spring growth habit
  • High metabolisable energy content and ME production per hectare
  • High livestock performance potential
  • Late heading (19 days later than Nui) to maintain quality for longer into spring
  • Won’t cause grass staggers or heat stress
  • High tiller density and soft leafy growth
  • Suitable for all livestock types

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:: Endorsements ::

Kelvin Bishop - Dairy Farm Manager – Egmont Village, Taranaki
"It's an awesome grass. I have found Revolution to be very high producing. My cows graze it well and even after a hard graze (24 hour), the Revolution’s recovery is fantastic. Not only does it produce well, it looks good and the results from using Revolution are in the vat."

Simon Todhunter - Sheep & beef farmer – Kekerengu, Marlborough
"Revolution's palatability and quality really stand out. The stock just like it so much. It nevere needs topping and is an easy pasture to manage. It is a really good, productive all-round ryegrass that is very clover friendly, producing high quality feed throughout the year." Brent & Robyn Gardner - Sheep & beef farmers – Balcutha, South Otago
"It is an excellent grass on this farm and performs to the highest standards.The beef animals have performed extremely well on Revolution."

Keywords: Grass Staggers, Perennial Ryegrass

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