By: Zoll  05-Apr-2012

Whether in hospital or in the field, the ZOLL AED Pro® is designed to perform in any environment. The AED Pro provides the ruggedness, portability, and advanced functionality that professional rescuers and services require from an AED.

Unique to ZOLL AEDs is a real-time feedback mechanism, known as , which allows rescuers to see and hear how well they are performing the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR.

The AED Pro offers:

  • Rugged construction and exceptional durability with resistance to dust and water jets (IP 55 rating)
  • The only AED in the industry to withstand a 1.5-meter drop test
  • Disposable or Rechargeable battery options
  • Available as semi-automatic with manual override for ALS professionals
  • Built-in 7-hour memory or USB memory technology
  • ECG monitoring with 3-lead cable and high-quality display
  • with instant feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR through ZOLL's unique one-piece CPR-D•padz® Electrode

Other important features:

  • with pedi•padz®II Pediatric Electrodes
  • Automatic self-testing to assure a constant state of  readiness
  • Unrivalled battery compatibility and options (long-life disposable or rechargeable) that meet your specific needs

Other products and services from Zoll


ZOLL - R Series

Place the R Series BLS in low-activity areas where the first responder may be BLS-trained, the R Series ALS in higher-activity areas, and the R Series Plus in areas with both BLS and ALS-trained responders. Common electrodes, cables, paddles, batteries, and connectors.


ZOLL - E Series

So tough that it has attained an Ingress Protection rating of IP34, and has been shown, throughout emergency services all over the world, to be a reliable partner in the field. You have the option to use the lighter and longer life Lithium Ion batteries for complete battery inventory management or conventional sealed Lead Acid batteries can be used.


ZOLL - Propaq MD

Only airworthy transport monitor to offer three invasive pressure channels necessary to monitor critical patients during long transports. Its large display conveniently shows four waveforms and all clinical parameters on a single screen to treat the most critical patients. First transport monitor to offer display modes that operate in bright sunlight or during night missions.