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By: Xtend-life  05-Apr-2012

Important Note:

To fully appreciate how

Total Balance Unisex

and the rest of the Total Balance range may naturally maximize your health and lifestyle..

An economic way to get all your daily vitamin/mineral needs, PLUS important trace elements, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, anti-glycation agents, neuronutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, methylation agents, adaptogens, calorie restriction mimics, herbal extracts and important co-factors.

Total Balance Unisex is suitable for men and women of all ages because it contains no hormone balancing herbal extracts. The formula contains specialty nutrients suitable for everyone - including those looking for an effective economic supplement to help slow down the aging process - and has a proven track record of:

  • Supporting the immune system…
  • Promoting more energy…
  • Increasing the ability to handle stress better…

However, this is still just a fraction of the many benefits you may receive. Total Balance Unisex also contains many other specialty ingredients that may not only help keep you in vibrant good health, but also looking younger for longer…

Attractive aging and beauty from within

Most people can naturally improve their appearance as they age… without having to use expensive (and potentially toxic) quick-fix methods like BOTOX… and SO CAN YOU! The best place to start is by addressing the very cause of aging by improving the functioning of your organs! By doing this, you may ..which are the prime causes of wrinkles.

How to get more benefits

The daily dose for Total Balance Unisex is 4 tablets a day. One bottle will last you a month. If you check out the chart on the Total Balance Overview page you will notice that we also have a  of Total BalanceUnisex. This version contains everything that this product does PLUS quite a lot more. The extra ingredients focus on the anti-aging component. The daily dose of that product is 7 tablets and it requires 2 bottles a month.

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Total Balance anti aging supplement for men

Becoming more attractive and appealing with age is no longer a privilege reserved for senior Hollywood actors…most aging men can naturally improve their appearance and SO CAN YOU. The best place to start is by addressing the very cause of aging by improving the functioning of your organs.